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Observer organizations gain prominence on Codex website


  A dedicated section on the Codex website, now highlights activities of Observer organizations. In addition to front-page news articles and features, information on how to apply for observer status  and details of all current Observers is available.

Currently, there are 229 Codex Observers – of which 57 are intergovernmental organizations, 156 nongovernmental organizations and 16 UN agencies.

Food safety is a shared responsibility

“Food safety is a shared responsibility, so it is important that governments can interact directly with producers, industry, consumers, academics, trade experts and all the people necessary to get safe food into the hands of people around the world", said Tom Heilandt, Codex Secretary, referring to the wealth of expertise the Observers bring to Codex standard-setting.

Observers now have a space to share their news. "With this new webpage we are encouraging Observers to be proactive in bringing relevant information from their organizations to the attention of the wider Codex community and we very much welcome suggestions for interviews, news items and other content of interest", said Sarah Cahill, Senior Food Standards Officer, highlighting the importance of information sharing to Codex work.

Observer organizations bring different perspectives to the Commission, ensuring that all sectors of the international community, industry and public interest groups have a voice in the standard setting process.


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