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Codex training programme underlines need to participate, contribute and benefit


Codex officials from Bhutan and Nepal gathered at the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India in New Delhi from 27th to 31st August 2019, for five days of training on Codex and insights into the functioning of Codex India. The event was part of the group Codex Trust Fund project which kicked off earlier this year.

The objective of the training was to impart basic knowledge about Codex and to hear from India about how they approach Codex work management, to help Bhutan and Nepal develop a stronger national Codex structure within their respective countries.

Sanjay Dave, India

Former Codex Chairperson Sanjay Dave

In total four officials from Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority, and six from the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control of Nepal participated in the training programme.

Ms. Rita Teaotia, Chairperson, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India said “Participate, Contribute, Benefit should be our motto when it comes to Codex”, a message echoed by WHO Technical Officer, Food Safety and Zoonoses, Dr Gyanendra Gongal, who stressed the importance of the programme to participants.

Hands on experience

Through a mix of presentations, discussions, group exercises as well as mock practice sessions and hands-on experience with Codex web tools, participants had the opportunity to learn about the basics of Codex. They also explored key discussions under consideration in various Codex committees and reviewed the existing Codex working manuals of the respective countries. Participants also discussed important Codex work at country level including the development of national positions, criteria for selecting delegates and follow-ups related to agenda items.

Codex web tools, India

A member of the Codex Contact Point, India teaches participants how to use on-line forum for electronic working groups

A representative from Bhutan, commenting on the programme said: “Learning is an ongoing process and the intangible assets instilled through this training programme will be utilized to impart further training in our country”.

A team of trainers that included the Codex contact point team in India along with other experts, including Mr Sanjay Dave, former Chairperson of the Codex Alimentarius Commission and officials from organizations such as the Export Inspection Council (EIC) and the Agricultural and processed food products Export Development Authority (APEDA) delivered the training.


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