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Mexican fresh food company organizes fun World Food Safety Day for employees and their children


Omex Alimentaria the Mexican fresh foods company in Ayotlán, Jalisco, celebrated World Food Safety Day for the first time this year with employees and their children.

The activities were organized with the aim of reinforcing the culture of safety across the organization. Juan Pablo Galindo Vázquez, Manager of Quality Management Systems and Jorge Nephtali Trinidad Sánchez, Human Capital Manager, opened the event by speaking about the importance of food safety and joint participation in the food chain.

A knowledge rally was held where teams of four answered questions on topics like the concept of food safety and the keys to achieving it, the cold chain and food safety hazards (physical, chemical and biological). The event was fun and dynamic and very much enjoyed by the employees.

Omex management took the position that children are a fundamental part of society and must be involved in food safety awareness. They organized a drawing contest called "Illustrating Safety" and prizes were awarded to the winners who saw their drawings exhibited on the day of the event.

According to the organizers, this was the first edition of an event that is here to stay.


Photo © Omex Alimentaria
Caption: The winning entry of the children’s “Illustrating Safety” drawing competition at Omex Alimentaria.