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Если вы планируете мероприятие в рамках Всемирного дня безопасности пищевых продуктов и хотите, чтобы оно отражалось здесь, в перечне мероприятий, отправьте электронное сообщение по адресу [email protected] с указанием названия мероприятия, даты и местного времени; добавьте краткое описание, афишу или другой рекламный материал и веб-ссылку на дополнительную информацию.

GFSI to host webinar about public and private sectors teaming up for safe food

11 March 2021
The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is hosting a special, one-off event on the role of public-private partnerships in securing food safety globally, in light of the coming edition of World Food Safety Day. Over the course of the 60-minute webinar, speakers will show how the public and the private sector are teaming up to reinforce capacities for a healthy tomorrow and talk about the importance of World Food Safety Day (7 June 2021). Register [...]

Azerbaijan launches awareness-raising campaign

11 May 2021
- Azerbaijan
The Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan, together with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Azerbaijan, has launched a series of awareness-raising events in recognition of World Food Safety Day this year. The planned activities include the production of a poster that is being strategically placed in the premises of businesses involved in the food chain, whether they are food producers or processors, restaurants or shops. In [...]

Celebrating World Food Safety Day in Jamaica

30 May 2021
- Jamaica
In Jamaica, this World Food Safety Day will be a food safety week of discussions, activities, media events and fact-checking exercises aimed at consumers, industry and decision-makers across the nation. The events started on Sunday 30 May and will continue until World Food Safety Day itself, Monday 7 June. The array of events has been organized and supported by the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture and [...]

Join the 2021 #WorldFoodSafetyDay Twitter chat

01 June 2021
- Global
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and @UNstatistics will host a Twitter chat in observance of World Food Safety Day. Anyone with a Twitter account can join the conversation, which will be led by @UNstatistics around the hashtags #WorldFoodSafetyDay and #WFSDchat21. The online chat will stress the importance of involving everyone in the supply chain, from farm to fork, to keep food safe. Questions pertinent to current global issues will [...]

London School of Economics to discuss pandemic impact on Africa for World Food Safety Day

01 June 2021
- Global
An “online public event” will be hosted by the UK’s London School of Economics (LSE) on 1 June to mark World Food Safety Day. The event will build on a conversation hosted by the School last year on the impact COVID19 may have in Africa. Now, the question is how food security and agriculture in Africa may have been impacted by the pandemic. Food safety is an important factor in [...]

Ecuador to host regional food safety webinars for World Food Safety Day

01 June 2021
- Ecuador
This year, the international and regional organizations FAO, PAHO, IICA, OIRSA, and the CCLAC have joined forces to celebrate World Food Safety Day in a 2-day webinar. The goal of the event is to bring together the different stakeholders involved in the food chain continuum so they can share their expertise and experiences. Topics to be addressed are ‘good practices in primary production’, ‘contaminants in food’, ‘experience with traceability systems’ and [...]

SAAFoST will hold a ‘Celebration Webinar’ for World Food Safety Day

02 June 2021
- South Africa
The South African Association for Food Science and Technology is planning a webinar to celebrate World Food Safety Day. The event will take place on 2 June at noon local time (10:00 GMT) with an exciting line up of speakers, including Professor Lucia Anelich, of Anelich Consulting food safety solutions, Susan Featherstone, CEO of SAAFoST and Jane Nock, Chief Technical Food Science Officer for in2food, South Africa. SAAFoST includes scientists, technologists [...]

Jamaican authorities to hold a live discussion for World Food Safety Day

02 June 2021
- Jamaica
Earl Stewart Jr, Director of Planning and Research at the Jamaica Customs Agency will open a 2-hour online discussion on 2 June for World Food Safety Day, on the topic of ''What the Food Business Sector and Government Sector are doing to ensure our food is safe to eat.'' Two further topics will take apart the World Food Safety Day theme for this year: "The Present Actions of each Entity [...]

Food Safety Authority of Ireland guides small businesses on food safety for World Food Safety Day

03 June 2021
- Ireland
The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has announced that its next “Breakfast Bites” event on 3 June will mark World Food Safety Day, by taking on the topic of ‘How to manage food safety in your business.’ The FSAI holds regular informal meetings aimed specifically at advising small food businesses and the 3 June meeting, hosted by the FSAI’s Lisa O’Connor, will address issues around what a food safety management [...]

It’s a One Health approach for World Food Safety Day in the Asia and Pacific region

03 June 2021
- Asia and Pacific region
World Food Safety Day in the Asia and Pacific Region will be marked this year by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and World Food Program (WFP) in a joint regional food safety open event. The 3 June virtual event will focus on the “One Health” approach to food safety, which recognizes [...]
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