Estadísticas alimentarias y agrícolas

Agricultural Integrated Survey Programme (AGRISurvey)

FAO Statistics survey programme, the AGRISurvey programme, helps countries strengthening their national agricultural surveys systems and promotes access to agricultural statistics.

The programme provides support to countries through different mechanisms. Through the 50x2030 Inititative to close the agricultural data gap, AGRISurvey provides technical and financial assistance to low-income and lower middle-income countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

AGRISurvey promotes the collection, dissemination and use of sound, harmonized, timely and regular data on agriculture, through the implementation of a farm-based multi-year survey programme. The programme considers the social, economic, technical and environmental characteristics of agricultural holdings to produce data that support evidence-based policy decision making.

To support survey sustainability, the programme focuses on building the capacity of countries so that they can takeover, technically and operationally, the survey programmes and implementing independently at the end of a period of up to ten years. Governments receive assistance to develop the capacity to plan and implement surveys’ activities and effective monitoring, with the goal of empowering national stakeholders and building national ownership on the programme. Capacity-building activities include:

  • training on the AGRISurvey methodology, on sampling design, on data processing, cleaning and imputation, on data analysis and interpretation;
  • training on microdata curation, data documentation, data preservation, data anonymization and data dissemination;
  • trainings on the use of advanced technologies for data collection and management and support to shift from paper questionnaire to a Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) system;
  • technical assistance on statistical literacy and on evidence based policy design.