Food and Agriculture Statistics

Land use statistics and indicators. Global, regional and country trends 1990–2019

Since the 1950s and in line with the first article of its Constitution, FAO collects annual land use data from countries via a standard Land Use, Irrigation and Agricultural Practices questionnaire, integrated every five years with independent information on forest land area collected via the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment. Resulting Land use statistics and Land use indicators are published in FAOSTAT. Together they provide information on the full land use matrix by country. This analytical brief reports the main results and changes over time in land use statistics with a focus on agricultural land uses, including important irrigation and agricultural practices, and with details at the global, regional and country levels during the period 1990–2019.


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Article (available in Portoguese): Embrapa e FAO atualizam parâmetros para estimar uso agropecuário da terra