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Temperature Change Statistics 1961-2019

FAO released the FAOSTAT Temperature Change data, with statistics of land surface air temperature (⁰C), disseminated by country and region, with global coverage, over the period 1961–2019, for 190 countries and 37 territories. The FAOSTAT domain was produced in collaboration with the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA-GISS). Increases in land surface air temperature associated with rising greenhouse gas concentrations threaten plant growth and yield, putting millions of farmers and communities at risk throughout the world. Together with changes in precipitation and increases in extreme events such as flooding and droughts, climate change threatens countries’ food security, and their ability to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development. Based on scientifically robust information, the FAOSTAT Temperature change statistics document recent warming trends in all countries in the world, facilitating public understanding of the climate change challenges to agriculture, and helping to identify possible responses necessary to minimize risk to food production.

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FAOSTAT Temperature change domain

NASA GISS Surface Temperature Analysis