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Agrifood systems and land-related emissions. Global, regional and country trends, 2001–2021

The FAOSTAT emissions database is composed of several data domains covering the GHG emissions from agrifood systems. Data are available by country, regional and global aggregates over the period 1961–2021. 

The latest analytical brief provides an update to the year 2021 of all agrifood systems emissions and indicators. offering a more detailed focus on land-use change emissions.





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Greenhouse gas emissions from agrifood systems. Global, regional and country trends, 2000–2020

Greenhouse gas emissions from pre- and post agricultural production processes. Global, regional and country trends, 1990–2020


Background knowledge:

Making food transport data matter (Nature Food)

Earth System Science Data article: Emissions of greenhouse gases from energy use in agriculture, forestry and fisheries: 1970–2019 (Earth System Science Data

Greenhouse gas emissions from food systems: building the evidence base (Environmental Research Letters)

Pre- and post-production processes increasingly dominate greenhouse gas emissions from agri-food systems (Earth System Science Data


Who uses our data: 

IPCC Assessment Reports: AR6 (WGIII Chapters 7 and 12)Special Report on Climate Change and Land (Chapter 5)AR5 (WGIII Chapter 11)

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The Food Systems Dashboard


UNSD (Climate Change relevant Statistics)

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