Food and Agriculture Statistics

International Conference on Agricultural Statistics II


Conference on agricultural and environmental statistical applications

4-8 June 2001, Rome, Italy

In June 2001, the international Conference on Agricultural and Environmental Statistical Applications (CAESAR) was held in Rome, Italy. The conference, modelled after the similar meeting organised in Washington D.C. in 1998, brought together 400 statisticians and policy experts from 53 countries around the world and from all the main international organisations active in the field of agriculture.

The conference programme was divided into five plenary sessions, 17 invited paper sessions and 7 contributed paper sessions. Each day was devoted to analysing a particular perspective of the development of agricultural statistics: the demand for agricultural statistics in the new millennium (both for developed and developing countries), methodological issues and new technologies for collecting, processing and disseminating agricultural statistics. Interactions between agriculture, the environment and the social aspects were discussed as well. In addition, two satellite meetings were organised to discuss in detail the situation of agricultural statistics in transition countries and the FAOSTAT program. In total, about 120 papers were presented and discussed during the Conference.