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Regional workshop to strengthen capacities of Sahel countries in monitoring hunger


24 to 27 November 2014, Mauritania, Nouakchott

The aim of this four-day workshop is to launch the Sahel project on strengthening capacities of Sahel countries in monitoring hunger.

The project is financed by the Government of Italy and is targeting five countries: Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Chad and Niger. High level representative from three national institutions involved in the production of information on food security will be invited to participate to the workshop (mainly Ministry of Agriculture, National Statistical Office and Ministry of Health). Two participants from Rwanda will also join the workshop, financed by the Improved Global Governance for Hunger Reduction Programme.

At the end of the workshop it is expected that:

· Participants are aware of the project and its main objectives;

· Initiatives and policies undertaken by countries to fight hunger were identified and discussed;

· Activities in terms of strengthening capacities to monitor hunger are assessed and planned;   

· Participants are aware of the methods and tools promoted by FAO to collect and analyse food acquisition/consumption data from national household surveys (NHS).




  • Piero Conforti
    Senior Statistician
    Food Security
    Statistics Division (ESS)
    Phone: +39 06 570-53664

Project: GCP/GLO/540/ITA