Statistiques de l’alimentation et de l’agriculture

National Strategy for Development of Agricultural Statistics in Dominican Republic


15 April 2011, Santo Domingo

FAO is providing technical assistance to Dominican Republic for preparation of National Strategy for Development of Agriculture Statistics. To start the process the Oficina Nacional de Estadística (ONE) organized a workshop at Santo Domingo in partnership with FAO and other national agencies involved in production and use of agriculture statistics. The workshop brought together national institutions to build an integrated system of agriculture census and surveys.

The workshop was opened by the president of the ONE, Mr Pablo Tactuk. The FAO representative in the country Mr Deep Ford highlighted the role of FAO in transferring knowledge to member countries.  About 30 participants from national institutions in the agriculture sector evaluated the statistical activities in the thematic areas of structural statistics, current statistics and the statistics on the market and trade.

The workshop contributed to developing a shared vision for generation of reliable agriculture statistics in a sustainable matter. This vision will be used for preparation of  a national strategy on agriculture statistics, integrated with the national plan for improvement of statistics The strategy will facilitate aligning of donor contributions to predefined national priorities.

Partner institutions currently working towards development of statistics in the country include International Fund for Agricultural Development and Inter-American Bank for Development.