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Workshop on food security in Somaliland: Analysis of the Household Survey 2013


18 - 20 January 2015, Somalia, Hargeisa 

The aim of this three-day workshop is to:

i) present the food security results obtained from the Somaliland Household Survey (SHS) 2013;

ii) discuss the results and collect feedback from senior analysts and policy makers;

iii) provide a picture of available statistics to assess food security in Somaliland, and

iv) host a wide discussion on progress and statistical needs. 

The workshop is conducted under the auspices and with the contribution of the European Union (Improved Global Governance for Hunger Reduction Programme). Senior analysts, policy makers and high level representatives from three local institutions involved in the production of information on food security have been invited to participate to the workshop.


At the end of the workshop it is expected that FAO and local institutions will be able to move together toward drafting a report on food security in Somaliland, that will assist in the formulation of policies for fighting food insecurity in the country.




Piero Conforti
Senior Statistician
Food Security
Statistics Division (ESS)

Phone: +39 06 570-53664


Chiara Brunelli
Food Security
Statistics Division (ESS)

Phone: +39 06 570 53700