Statistiques de l’alimentation et de l’agriculture

Agricultural surveys

FAO AGRISurvey programme promotes the collection and dissemination of sound, harmonized, timely and regular data on agriculture to effectively support evidence based decision-making.  The programme provides support to countries to improve and strengthen their national agricultural surveys systems and to promote accessible agricultural statistics. Data collected through AGRISurvey help countries monitor progress towards the SDGs and other international development indicators.

AGRISurvey programme aims to accelerate and improve the collection and dissemination of data on agricultural production as well as the technical, economic, environmental and social dimensions of agricultural holdings through training and technical assistance geared towards the implementation of an integrated system of agricultural surveys. AGRISurvey is currently being scaled up as part of the 50x2030 Initiative to close the agricultural data gap, a multi-partner programme that seeks to bridge the global agricultural data gap by transforming country data systems in 50 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America by 2030.

To know more, visit the AGRISurvey website.