Food Coalition


Countries involved

  •  Colombia
  •  Ecuador
  •  El Salvador

Time frame


Pillar 3
Support and follow-up to G20 Matera Declaration
Pillar 4
Longer-term solutions – developed to transform agrifood systems


Vulnerable children have been among the most affected groups by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools closure, as a result of social isolation measures, not only
affects children learning processes but also threatens the food security of millions.

Before COVID-19 pandemic, school feeding programmes benefitted nearly 85 million children in Latin America and the Caribbean and for about 10 million of them, they constitute one of the most reliable daily sources of food. In countries like Colombia, Ecuador and El Salvador, where food for school feeding programmes is locally purchased, the disruptions in the programmes have also negatively affected the income of small farmers.


Strengthening technical capacities and coordination mechanisms of the school feeding programmes through the methodology of Sustainable Schools

This intervention focuses on supporting Ecuador, El Salvador and Colombia in strengthening and scaling up their school feeding programmes through the Sustainable Schools methodology in order to safeguard the food and nutritional security of school-age children and provide sustainability to the local economy, while promoting the transformation of food systems and preventing food loss and waste. The project has the final goal of addressing the nutritional needs of school children, adolescents and youth, through a sustainable food systems approach.


To reach its objective, the project works on:

  • Strengthening technical capacities and coordination mechanisms of the school feeding programmes.
  • Development of guidelines and strategies and the capacity development of institutions involved;
  • Providing technical assistance in the design and implementation of regulatory frameworks aimed to strengthening school feeding programs, including through exchanges among the three countries.

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