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Mr. Adigun Temitayo

Organization: Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation
Country: Nigeria
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Women of Value Initiative #WOVI : Where we focus strongly on ending hardship and stress of women in the rural community through empowerment and Support underprivileged women with seed grant to empower them break away from hardship likewise coaching and mentoring to run a success business which translate to a better life for women in the rural communities

Support People living with disabilities with life enabling devices and seed fund to support their livelihood beyond barging on the street

Agricultural focused skills program for both graduate and student during their industrial attachment in partnership with various farmers that have benefit from our community development initiatives and volunteer farmers that are willing to pass the knowledge to our various graduate that volunteer to empower themselves through agriculture. We know that Agriculture and agribusiness can create the highest number of employment opportunities for Nigerians that why we are focusing on this

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      What are the consequences of this high level of migration for food security and agriculture in both, the countries of origin and destination?

      High migration has both negative and positive consequences, however based on experience here in Nigeria, migration threatens food security and increases hunger because the available resources is not enough to take care of the available population. However, with a strategic blueprint migration can help in so many ways to improve food security, if the destination countries can support with land and resources for migrant to embark on farming system.

      Каковы последствия этого высокого уровня миграции для продовольственной безопасности и сельского хозяйства как в странах происхождения, так и в странах назначения?

      Высокий уровень  миграции имеет как отрицательные, так и положительные последствия, однако на основе опыта, полученного  здесь, в Нигерии, миграция угрожает продовольственной безопасности и увеличивает голод, поскольку имеющихся ресурсов недостаточно для того, чтобы заботиться об имеющемся населении. Однако с помощью стратегического плана миграция может помочь во многих отношениях улучшить продовольственную безопасность, если страны назначения, принимающие мигрантов, смогут помочь с землей и ресурсами, чтобы они смогли заняться земледелием.

    • Youth empowerment through agricultural support and training as been tested in the last few years as the only sustainable solution to unemployment which increase poverty level in Africa and globally. Once we can tap into the potentials odf agriculture as youth we can be able to bring a shift that will end hunger. As organisation in Nigeria, we take a proactive action to support fresh graduate to embrace agribusiness.

    • This a great challenges threating the sustaining Agricultural practices in Africa because most youth doesnt see any value in what our forefather invested so much, however its only what is working that we can sustain. Many youth have lost hope in anything that as to do with agriculture and agricultural practices are fading away gradually because it's becoming non attractive.


      We needed to build agribusiness as key to a developing nation which will unlock neccessary support to make youth open their heart to the huge benefit in agribusiness and once this is achieve we can now start working on support system to keep the youth encouraged.

      Bank of Industry are embarking on quit numbers of initiatives to support agriculture but policy for accessibility should be made easy for youth without huge collaterial to access facilities to support the Agricultural business which will enable a sustainable system