General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM


Governance and responsible investment

Towards blue transformation

Focus on consumers and the market

Innovation and knowledge sharing


Seaweed has the ability to assist in the fight against numerous global challenges ranging from hunger to climate change, but its huge potential remains largely untapped. Not only can it be used as a nutritious source of food for humans, but also as animal feed, fuel, fertilizer, a substitute for plastics and even medicine. What is more, seaweed can play a role in carbon sequestration and combating eutrophication and as a result represents a nature-based solution for mitigating climate change and supporting ecosystems. 

With these facts in mind, the GFCM is promoting seaweed aquaculture as an accelerator for sustainable growth, marine conservation, innovation and livelihoods in communities across the Mediterranean and Black Sea region. 


  • Creation of a multistakeholder platform to exchange knowledge and build capacity on technical, market and regulatory aspects of seaweed farming.
  • Collaboration with producers and research institutions to develop best practices (including integrated multitrophic aquaculture) and promote seaweed farming as a nature-based solution for combatting marine organic pollution and climate change, enhancing value creation and strengthening local community livelihoods.
  • Development of a regulatory framework to ensure responsible seaweed farming through consultation and the use of existing knowledge and experience from other regions.