General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM


Governance and responsible investment

Towards blue transformation

Focus on consumers and the market

Innovation and knowledge sharing

Regulatory and administrative frameworks

Interest in the value of the oceans as assets has increased in recent years, in parallel with global discussions on investments in the blue economy. Farmed aquatic foods are central to this subject. Improved governance in aquaculture can help unlock the socio-economic potential of the sector, increasing both its social acceptability and stakeholder confidence, thereby opening up a range of new opportunities. To this end, the GFCM is working closely with CPCs to build an administrative structure that promotes the sustainable development of the sector based on responsible production and in line with blue economy finance principles.

The GFCM is also working to create a framework to drive responsible investment in aquaculture, support the regional blue economy and ultimately deliver multiple development benefits to the people of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. 


  • Preparation of regional guidelines for sound regulatory systems, including guiding principles, good practices and key elements for sustainable growth. 
  • Simplification and improvement of regional and global licensing processes.
  • Organization of training and capacity-building programmes for farmers, researchers and decision-makers at both national and regional levels.
  • Support to increase the participation of aquaculture farmers’ organizations (AFOs) in sector governance and decision-making processes.