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The GFCM collects data and information on aquaculture production statistics as well as other data relevant to the function of its Scientific Committee on Aquaculture (CAQ) through the Information System for the Promotion of Aquaculture in the Mediterranean (SIPAM), one of the CAQ subsidiary bodies.

CPCs of GFCM have the obligation to provide such information to the GFCM Secretariat and, for this purpose, the SIPAM online platform has become the official aquaculture information system of the GFCM. Features in support of National Focal Points (NFPs), as official nominated by their national authorities, for data submissions, statistical analysis (production statistics data analysis tool) and dissemination of data/information are continuously updated and improved, in line with the activities identified at the CAQ and SIPAM sessions.

An important milestone towards a consolidated set of aquaculture definitions and key requirements for the SIPAM data-entry system was achieved at the “Workshop on harmonization of standards for Mediterranean aquaculture data collection” (2009). Acknowledging that standards in aquaculture data collection and statistics should be established in line with the guidelines set by the FAO Coordinating Working Party on Aquaculture Statistics (CWP), the GFCM adopted two specific recommendations on reporting aquaculture data and information, namely Rec. GFCM/33/2009/4 and its subsequent amendments the Rec. GFCM/35/2011/6 and Rec. GFCM/41/2017/1, through which the following data are collected:

Aquaculture Production Statistics (APS)

Data on aquaculture production by

  • CWP statistical areas
  • culture environment
  • cultured species
  • system of culture
  • type of culture
  • capture-based aquaculture input production quantity
  • production value

Aquaculture Production Centres (APC)

  • Data on unit/segment of production
  • number of production centres per unit/segment
  • cultured species per unit
  • total volume (m3) of facilities of production centres per segment
  • destination of product per segment

Aquaculture Market Data (AMD)

  • Trade and consumption:
    - Imports and exports of aquatic products of animal origin (weight and value);
    - Imports and exports of species that are also produced with aquaculture (weight and value);
    - Top five import origins and export destinations of farmed species.