Inclusive and Sustainable Territories and Landscapes Platform

Territorial Opinions

“There are efforts that can optimize investments if they are generated from the territory and directed to the territory, not waiting for a resource to arrive from the national body, but by fostering a number of services and strengthening local capacities"
"In the Dominican Republic, the territorial approach in development and public policy remains nascent and a sectorial approach is still predominant. " Says Marcos Martínez Vice Minister of Planning
Interview with Cecilia Gañan de MolinaI, International Territorial Development and Communication Consultant
Interview with Ney Barrionuevo, Director of Rimisp Ecuador. (In Spanish)
Interview with Paolo Groppo, Chief Land Tenure Officer, FAORAP, and Vito Cistulli, Chief Policy Officer Políticas, ESP
Interview with Luiz Carlos Beduschi, Territorial Development Officer and Coordinator of the Regional Family Farming Initiative and Inclusive Food Systems for Sustainable Rural Development at FAO.
Interview with Ramón Javier Mestre, Mayor of Córdoba, Argentina
Interview with Juan Elvin Figueroa, General Coordinator of the Municipal Development Project (PRODEM) in the Dominican Republic.
Interview with Margarita Astralaga, Director of the Environment and Climate Division of IFAD (In Spanish)
Interview with Cecilia Jobe, Head of the Campaign "Rural Women, Engines of Development" (In Spanish)
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