Enhancing effective communication on Mediterranean forest issues

Virtual Event, 21/06/2023

The Silva Mediterranea Secretariat is launching its new website with a revamped communication strategy and new knowledge sharing tools, which are all available in English, French and Spanish. The new website will serve as a platform of reference for forestry issues in the Mediterranean region, not only to communicate the work of the Committee and the Secretariat, but also of its working groups, the MYTF and its partners.

We are glad to invite you to this virtual meeting which will showcase the different knowledge-sharing tools that are now available in the new website and it will present the upcoming Silva Mediterranea activities for 2023 and 2024. This will be an opportunity to present the newly elected Mediterranean Youth Task Force (MYTF) Direction Board and to explore and understand the needs of key partners in terms of communication in order to include it in the current knowledge management strategy. 


Date and time: Wednesday 21 June 2023 – 15.30-16.30 (CET)  

Languages: English with interpretation in French   



15.30 – 15.35 

Welcome remarks   

15.35 – 15.40 

Presentation of the new website and knowledge sharing products. 

15.40 - 15.55  

Presentation of the MYTF Board and activities.  

15.55 - 16.00  


16.00 - 16.20  

Planned activities of Silva Mediterranea for 2023-24.  

16.20 - 16.30 

Communication poll.