Mediterranean Forest Week (MFW)

Silva Mediterranea, along with its regional partners, is committed to organizing a Mediterranean Forest Week every two years in a Member Country. The Mediterranean Forest Week has been conceived as a common regional platform for cooperation on Mediterranean forests, aiming at improving the dialogue between the Mediterranean forest research community, policymakers and the relevant stakeholders, aiming as well at communicating to the international community and society at large the relevance and challenges affecting Mediterranean forests. 

Target audience of the MFW

The target audience of the Mediterranean Forest Week includes decision makers from the Mediterranean region; national and local governments; technical and scientific organizations, forestry experts and managers; forest owners; environmental organizations; non-governmental organizations (NGOs); investors and key donors; young professionals; media; scientists.

7MFW ©Leila Rossa Mouawad
4MFW ©FAO/Caterina Marchetta.
5MFW ©FAO/Caterina Marchetta