FAO Investment Centre

The European Union

The FAO Investment Centre’s work with the European Union has increased since 2018.

The joint FAO-European Union AgrIntel initiative, launched in 2018, addresses the general lack of private investment financing available to micro-enterprises, small and medium enterprises and smallholders.

The Centre is also working with the European Union, the Ugandan Development Bank (UDB) and the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) on AgrInvest in Uganda to support greater and more responsible private investment in food and agriculture.

In 2020, FAO, the European Commission and Development and the French Agricultural Research Centre (CIRAD) launched multi-country food systems assessments and dialogue to support countries to undertake systemic assessments, facilitate inclusive stakeholder dialogue and identify innovative policy and investment entry points for sustainable agri-food systems.

The Centre has also collaborated with Le Basic (a French community-oriented cooperative enterprise) to complete a “comparative study on the distribution of value in European chocolate chains”. Results from the studies helped inform the launch of the Sustainable Cocoa Initiative, a multi-stakeholder dialogue to advance sustainability across the cocoa value chain through collective action and partnerships. The European Union, European Cocoa Association, producing countries, cooperatives, producer organizations and civil society have all played an important role in advancing the cocoa and chocolate sector’s sustainability and equity agenda. FAO will use its technical and country knowledge, innovation, policy analysis and investment and capacity development expertise to accompany stakeholders in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Cameroon to address issues of child labour, deforestation and poverty and build more sustainable cocoa sectors.