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In addition to searching directly in its main database, FAOLEX presents certain thematic databases organized by specific subject matter. It is also possible to access general country profiles, as well as country profiles for certain sectors. It is also possible to retrieve information on specific themes or areas in the associated databases identified on this website.

AgroecologyLex is a specialized database on different legal frameworks, policies and programmes concerning agroecology in different countries.

This section of FAOLEX provides an overview of national legal and policy frameworks, providing links to the Constitution, sectoral policies and primary legislation related to food and agriculture.

This section of FAOLEX provides an overview of national legal and policy frameworks in relation to water resources applicable to: Agriculture, Water and Environment, Water Supply and Sanitation, Water Quality and Pollution Control, Governance, Groundwater, Infrastructure, Water Resources Management and Water Rights, Disaster Resilience, Transboundary Waters

Family Farming Lex is a database of regional and national laws, regulations and policies related to family farming, including agroecology, forest farming, indigenous peoples, mountain farming, pastoralism and small-scale fisheries.

The Fishlex database provides in-depth country profiles on the Coastal State Requirements for Foreign Fishing. This database also allows searches on maritime limits, to identify those countries that may have delimited maritime zones of a particular size.

A database that classifies and provides access to legislation on pastoralism.