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Name of the institution: Agreenium
Description: Composed of 14 institutions of higher education and four research and expertise institutes, Agreenium promotes science and knowledge on agriculture, food, animal health and the environment towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. In partnership since 2013, FAO and Agreenium collaborate to enhance capacities through development of e-Learning products and hosting of joint technical webinars.
In partnership since: 2013
Country: France
SDG: 2. Zero Hunger,5. Gender Equality,6. Clean Water and Sanitation,12. Responsible Consumption and Production,14. Life Below Water,15. Life on Land
Areas of Collaboration: Advocacy,Capacity Development

Name of the institution: Agrinatura
Description: FAO and Agrinatura officialized their collaboration in 2014 with the aim to engage universities and research institutions, and to promote activities in the areas of agricultural innovation systems, capacity development, food security and climate smart agriculture. By putting the demands of farmers, agri-business and consumers at the center of the partnership’s priorities, the two organizations have been developing research, education and innovation activities in support of agri-food systems transformation toward sustainable development.  
In partnership since: 2014
Country: Czech Republic
SDG: 1. No Poverty,2. Zero Hunger,5. Gender Equality,10. Reduced Inequalities,12. Responsible Consumption and Production,17. Partnerships for the goals
Areas of Collaboration: Advocacy,Capacity Development

Name of the institution: Ankara University
Description: In January 2016, FAO and Ankara University formalized their collaboration through the signature of a “Memorandum of Understanding”. Since then, the partnership is developing activities aiming at enhancing Turkish awareness on topics related to food security and safety, the management of natural resources and rural development. Further areas of collaboration focus on topics such as social protection and employability in the Turkish agricultural sector. Particular attention was given to the conditions and needs of Syrian refugees, seasonal workers, and rural households. In the field of communication, Ankara University is providing support to FAO’s Turkish local office for the development of communication skills.    
In partnership since: 2016
Country: Turkey
SDG: 2. Zero Hunger,3. Good Health and Well-being,4. Quality Education,13. Climate Action,15. Life on Land
Areas of Collaboration: Advocacy,Capacity Development

Description: Signed in 2015, the collaboration between FAO and the Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet) aims to develop sustainable forest management capacities in the Asia-Pacific region.  To achieve this objective, the partners engage in joint technical cooperation, training events, information exchange, and promote effective policy development and implementation.
In partnership since: 2015
Country: China
SDG: 15. Life on Land
Areas of Collaboration: Capacity Development,Knowledge Exchange

Name of the institution: Beijing Forestry University
Description: The partnership between FAO and the Beijing Forestry University is a recent collaboration established in 2020, focusing on the development of joint actions and cooperation projects targeting forest health and protection for sustainable management of forests.
In partnership since: 2020
Country: China
SDG: 15. Life on Land
Areas of Collaboration: Advocacy,Knowledge Exchange

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