AIDmonitor - Tutorial on “Analyse” Functionality

Finding data on where funding for international development goes, and identifying common priorities has become much easier, with the help of a new online tool developed by FAO: AIDmonitor is a new online data tool that makes it quick and easy to extract data on Official Development Assistance (ODA) flows, with a specific focus on agriculture, food security, nutrition and rural development activities. With AIDmonitor, you will find it user-friendly to retrieve reliable data and run in-depth analyses. Users can produce graphic visualizations of ODA data, identify common priorities, and compile and compare historical data. It also features flexible analytical tools that adapt to the needs of users and helps in creating customized reports and analysis.

This tutorial explains how you can exploit the possibilities of the “Analyse” functionality of AIDmonitor. Specifically, with this tutorial, you will learn how to research ODA information by sector, recipient country and resource partner.