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World Water Day 2020

This year's World Water Day theme, "Water and Climate Change", explores how water and climate change are inextricably linked.
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Fishing for innovations in Peru

How innovation and investment are transforming Peru's fisheries and aquaculture sector, boosting productivity and incomes and ensuring a better, more sustainable use of resources.

Investing in agriculture transforms lives by reducing hunger and poverty, creating employment and building people’s resilience to disasters and shocks. FAO helps countries foster an enabling environment for more and better investments in food security, nutrition, agriculture and rural development to improve rural livelihoods, raise incomes and safeguard the natural environment. FAO’s support to investment includes the formulation, implementation, supervision and evaluation of agricultural investment plans, programmes and projects. FAO advises governments on policy and legislation. It facilitates public-private policy dialogue and undertakes sector analyses and value chain studies to support investment decision-making. It strengthens national agricultural investment capacities, providing guidance and tools, institutional strengthening and learning support. FAO also draws on financing mechanisms to address environmental concerns and make investments more sustainable.

FAO's role in support to investment

Success stories

11 September 2019
Greater adoption of climate technologies in the agrifood sector is an important step towards more sustainable food systems. Such technologies can help improve productivity, reduce carbon emissions, build climate resilience and make better use of natural resources. FAO and...
11 September 2019
FAO and the CDB are committed to helping Caribbean countries reposition agriculture toward more inclusive growth, prosperity and sustainability. A study initiated by the Investment Centre on the state of food and agriculture in the Caribbean identified key agricultural trends in...
29 August 2019
Farmers in water-stressed northern China have increased their crop yields and strengthened their climate resilience thanks to an innovative World Bank-funded project, designed with the Investment Centre, that combined investments in engineering works and land husbandry, improved farming practices and...
06 August 2019
The Cuban Government is keen to boost the production of coffee and cocoa – two crops strategically important to the nation’s economy. Production of both has fallen substantially in recent years, due in large part to unfavourable trade conditions...
06 August 2019
Bosnia and Herzegovina is working with FAO and the World Bank to develop a well-functioning land registration system – a move to stimulate economic growth and sustainable development. Such a system will allow the country’s two entities – the Federation of...
06 August 2019
The development of inclusive agro-based value chains contributes to delivering on the SDGs. Instruments such as the public-private producer partnership (4P) model, advocated by IFAD, aim to bring more small-scale farmers, particularly women and young farmers, into profitable value chains....
06 August 2019
The Investment Centre helped design a USD 150 million World Bank-funded project to develop tourism in Tanzania. It was the World Bank’s largest environmental loan to a single country. The project supports the development of four major national parks and...