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Support to Investment
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Berries of Georgia

Intensive berry-production areas expected to span 1,000 hectares by 2020
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Supporting dairy in Georgia

Between 2015 and 2018 the production of high-quality milk in Georgia more than doubled
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The ripening of an industry

Grapes' growing potential in Georgia, Moldova and Tajikistan

Investing in agriculture transforms lives by reducing hunger and poverty, creating employment and building people’s resilience to disasters and shocks. FAO helps countries foster an enabling environment for more and better investments in food security, nutrition, agriculture and rural development to improve rural livelihoods, raise incomes and safeguard the natural environment. FAO’s support to investment includes the formulation, implementation, supervision and evaluation of agricultural investment plans, programmes and projects. FAO advises governments on policy and legislation. It facilitates public-private policy dialogue and undertakes sector analyses and value chain studies to support investment decision-making. It strengthens national agricultural investment capacities, providing guidance and tools, institutional strengthening and learning support. FAO also draws on financing mechanisms, such as the Global Environment Facility (GEF), to address environmental concerns and make investments more sustainable.

FAO's role in support to investment

Success stories

18 October 2017
As part of FAO's overall assistance to Africa, the Investment Centre has been supporting the implementation of CAADP, the strategic agricultural framework of the African Union and the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD). The Investment Centre has helped mobilize international and...
17 October 2017
Developing and implementing land policies that benefit disadvantaged farmers, boost agricultural production and improve food security require complex and long-term investments. Since early 2000, FAO's Investment Centre has collaborated with FAO's land tenure team and the World Bank on land access, security of tenure and land administration issues. In Latin...
13 October 2017
FAO has been working closely with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to develop more efficient and inclusive value chains. In Serbia, they have introduced the use of geographical indications for horticulture products − a status that assures consumers of a product's quality, origin and reputation. They are...