Resistencia a los antimicrobianos

Designation process

The steps for designation as an FAO Reference Centre are:

  • Step 1. The institution submits an application,  declaration of interest (annex 1 of the Director-General's Bulletin 2006/32) and disclaimer and other legal provisions (annex 3 of the Director-General's Bulletin 2006/32) to [email protected].

  • Step 2. The FAO panel of experts from the relevant technical unit(s) evaluates the application, including the declaration of possible conflicts of interest with the following evaluation criteria (described in in the DG Bulletin No 2006/32):

    • Ability to carry out one or several of the following functions
      • standardization of technology, therapeutic and other substances, and methods/procedures;
      • provision of reference substances and services such as quality assurance;
      • participation in collaborative research of a scientific, technical or policy nature;
      • contribution to capacity development through the provision of training;
      • coordination of activities carried out by other institutions;
      • provision of information and advice of a scientific, technical and policy nature. 
    • Active engagement in fields of expertise relevant to the work of FAO, and contribution to the implementation of FAO’s programme priorities and to strengthening capacities in countries and regions.
    • Prior successful collaboration with FAO for a minimum of two years (or less under special circumstances, to be justified and demonstrated by the relevant technical unit) in carrying out jointly planned activities.
    • Submission of a declaration of interest.
  • Step 3.  The FAO panel of experts from the relevant technical unit(s) and the institution agree on a work plan.

  • Step 4. The FAO panel of experts from the relevant technical unit(s) submit recommendations to higher FAO management for approval in principle.

  • Step 5. FAO consults government authorities in the country of the applying institution and seeks their endorsement.

  • Step 6. The designation letter is drafted and shared with the applicant. Once all clearances are received, the final designation letter is sent to the institution for signature.

Areas of collaboration, the institution’s mandate, annual reporting, and terms of use for the FAO logo are described in the Reference Centre designation letter, valid for four years.

 If an application does not meet the criteria (e.g., lack of a leading scientific role, inadequate biocontainment level and/or level of collaboration with countries and regions),  the institution may be invited to reapply, should the situation change.  

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