FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

10th International LANDNET Workshop

Skopje, FYR Macedonia , 19/06/2018 - 21/06/2018

Over the past 15 years, in Central and Eastern Europe, a strong informal network of land tenure and land management professionals interested in and working with land consolidation, land banking, land market development and other similar topics has emerged. The process has mainly been driven and also partly funded by FAO since the beginning. Since 2011, the overall initiative has become known as “LANDNET” and it is open to land management experts throughout Europe but always with a focus on the countries in Eastern Europe and a strong involvement of Western Balkan countries.

The workshop is also a Regional Consultation Workshop for the FAO regional study on land consolidation legislation with focus on identifying regional best practice and developing generic guidance on the drafting of land consolidation legislation. The planned study was briefly introduced at the LANDNET workshop in Budapest in October 2017.

The workshop will be organized jointly between FAO and the UNECE Working Party on Land Administration (WPLA) and is part of a wider cooperation on land consolidation between WPLA, FAO and other partners including the Dutch Kadaster and the Technical University of Munich. It is also supported by the Macedonian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy (MAFWE) and GIZ.

Main objectives of the workshop

  • Present and validate the outcome of the FAO regional study on land consolidation legislation 
  • Present ongoing support to an operational national land consolidation programme in FYR Macedonia (with focus on the ongoing EU-funded “Mainstreaming of the National Land Consolidation (MAINLAND) project implemented by FAO) 
  • Present and discuss topics of mutual interest of LANDNET and WPLA 
  • Present and discuss gender principles and issues in land governance in Western Balkans 
  • Discuss progress on the ongoing development of LANDNET

More than 140 land management professionals from over 30 European and Central Asian countries and different organizations are expected to attend, together with high level representatives of the European Union Delegation to the FYR Macedonia and MAFWE.


The status of FAO support to land consolidation in Europe and Central Asia
Morten Hartvigsen, Land Tenure Officer, Regional Initiative Delivery Manager, FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Keynote: Legislating for land consolidation
Margret Vidar, Legal Officer, FAO

Experience in Land Consolidation in Macedonia
Kiril Georgievski, Head of Department for land consolidation of agricultural land land exchange and land parcel identification system, MAFWE

Mainstreaming of the National Land Consolidation Programme (MAINLAND)
Vilma Daugaliene, FAO Chief Technical Advisor

Experiences with Developing Land Consolidation Legislation in FYR Macedonia
Kristina Mitic, FAO National Legal Expert, MAINLAND

Land Consolidation Legislation in Germany/Bavaria
Thomas Gollwitzer, Commissioner for International Affairs of the German Federal Working Group "Sustainable Rural Development" (ARGE LANDENTWICKLUNG)

Land valuation in Land consolidation
Maartje Lof, Projectmanager, Netherlands Kadaster

Country presentation: Land consolidation in Denmark
Niels Otto Haldrup, Land consolidation planner, Orbicon, Denmark

Finland - A country report
Kalle Konttinen, National Land Survey of Finland

Land Consolidation framework in Galicia
Miguel Ángel Pérez Dubois, Director General of Rural Development and AGADER. Region of Galicia, Spain

Legal Frameworks for Land Consolidation in Turkey
Fatma Tuz Zehra Gulsever, Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineer

Regulation of land consolidation in the Republic of Lithuania
Gintare Tumalavičiene, Head of Land Law Division, Land and Resources policy Department, Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania

Preliminary findings of the Regional Study on Land Consolidation Legislation
Tomas Versinskas, FAO Legal Consultant

Drft key recommendations on drafting land consolidation law
Kristina Mitic, FAO Legal Consultant

Working groups methodology

Interactive session - Land Consolidation Legislation

Land consolidation - study of narratives – preliminary results
Walter T. de Vries, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany
Rik Wouters, WPLA / EULIS / Kadaster, Netherlands
Kalle Konttinen, Maanmittauslaitos (MML), Finland

Land Consolidation in Central and Eastern Europe – a wish, a must or a luxury?
A.A. Kwitowski

Land consolidation to improve land rights
Maartje Lof, Project manager, Kadaster Netherlands

Tool to Support Small-sized Urban Land Consolidation
Prof Chryssy Potsiou, FIG President, Professor, National Technical University of Athens