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Train of trainers program for field veterinarians on LSD in Moldova (TCP/RER/3605)

Chisinau, Moldova, 06/11/2018 - 07/11/2018

Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is a newly emerged transboundary animal disease spreading throughout the Middle East, Turkey, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe. Introduction of LSD virus into naïve population causes considerable economic losses due to death of cattle, decrease of their productivity, the cost of vaccination campaigns, and most importantly, its effects on trade. The risk of an imminent incursion into neighbouring still unaffected countries is very high, particularly for those sharing borders and (both formal and informal) trade routes. This is the case of Moldova.

LSD is a novel disease in the region. As such, veterinary services, farmers and cattle owners do not have experience in the recognition of the disease or the methods in which prevention and control can be realized. The veterinary services of affected and at risk countries, with no previous experience, are faced with serious challenges.

The training
Because of the above, a cascade training is scheduled in Moldova that eventually will reach all field veterinarians in the country. The training was organized in the framework of the regional technical cooperation project TCP/RER/3605 on lumpy skin disease preparedness in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.

The devised train-of trainer (TOT) program follows the following stages:

  1. Training of core trainers: A 1.5-day training for 37 core trainers from each district in Republic of Moldova (all in charge of replicating the training in their own district, respectively).
  2. Replicates of the trainings at district level, taught by the core trainers with the participation of all official and private veterinarians.

The training was taught by two international experts from Bulgaria and Israel with first-hand experience in the control of LSD. The training of core trainers in Chisinau followed a combination of theoretical lectures (1st day), plus a half day visit to a farm (Biosecurity on farm, Personal biosecurity, Sample collection and handling, Epidemiological investigation, and Application of control measures). See the agenda and presentations below for more details. All presentations are available in English and Romanian.
Participants were provided with copies of the presentations, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and 90 copies of the lumpy skin disease field manual in Romanian (for themselves and to be distributed to each district).

Documents  (Romanian language)


Instrucțiuni privind examinarea clinică

Instrucțiuni privind biosecuritatea 


Presentations (Romanian language)

Prezentarea Proiectului și a instruirii
Daniel Beltran-Alcrudo, Ofițer pe Sănătatea Animalelor, FAO

Implicarea și conștientizarea fermierilor și altora
Nadav Galon, consultant internațional FAO

Epidemiologia și diagnosticul DNC (clinic și de laborator)
Tsviatko Alexandrov, DVM, Consultant internațional FAO

Situația Dermatitei Nodulare Contagioase în regiune
Tsviatko Alexandrov, DVM, consultant internațional FAO

Supravegherea, detectarea timpurie și răspunsul de urgență
Nadav Galon, Consultant internațional FAO

Investigarea epidemiologică a DNC
Nadav Galon și Tsviatko Alexandrov, Consultanți internaționali FAO 

Măsurile utilizate în exploatațiile pozitive de DNC
Tsviatko Alexandrov, DVM, consultant internațional FAO

Lecții învățate despre DNC în Israel
Nadav Galon, Consultant internațional FAO

Vaccinuri și vaccinarea contra DNC
Tsviatko Alexandrov, DVM, consultant internațional FAO

Măsuri de biosecuritate și control
Nadav Galon, Consultant internațional FAO