FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Regional dialogue: Policy and governance issues to transform food systems in Europe and Central Asia

Virtual event, 25/05/2021 - 25/05/2021

In September 2021, the United Nations Food Systems Summit ​will be an opportunity to rethink our food systems and launch new actions to change the way we produce, transform, and consume food. This echoes across Europe and Central Asia (ECA), giving an impulse to a regional dialogue on “Policy and governance issues to transform food systems in Europe and Central Asia”, on 25 May from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CEST.

The regional dialogue is convened to discuss key policy and governance issues related to sustainable food systems, with a focus on the need for strong governance and holistic approaches to build equitable food systems for improved livelihoods and nutritional status of the most vulnerable, and to afford nature-positive production and climate-resilient food systems. The dialogue will facilitate sharing of information and experiences on opportunities, challenges, and appropriate policy actions for sustainable transformation of the region’s food systems, in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The event will be streamed live on YouTube in English and can also be followed on Zoom in English and Russian.

The event is organized by the UN Issue-based Coalition​ (IBC) on Sustainable Food Systems for Europe and Central Asia. Established in April 2020, the main objective of the IBC on Sustainable Food Systems is to support countries to make food systems more sustainable and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Members of the Coalition ​are: FAO, WFP, WHO, UNICEF, UNECE, WMO, UNDP, IFAD.

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