FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

International Workshop on Land Consolidation and Land Banking

Budapest, Hungary, 08/11/2010 - 11/11/2010

ince 2007 the FAO led network of CEE countries (LANDNET) and FARLAND are connected, creating excellent conditions for exchange of knowledge and upgrading of approaches. In many European countries, instruments for land consolidation and land banking are under evaluation to cope with current and new challenges. The November 2010 workshop built on previous workshop outcomes and was organized with a financial contribution from the Netherlands government in the context of the G2G Programme, which is implemented by Agency NL. As part of this contribution DLG assisted FAO in organising two workshops (November 2010 & June 2011) on Land Market issues in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Meeting documents



List of Participants

Results of the wrap up session



Introduction: International Workshop on Land Consolidation and Land Banking
Richard Eberlin (FAO), Frank van Holst (DLG)

Technical session: Land-Banking-Technical Paper


Draft Technical Paper: Land Banks and Funds - Instrument for Rural Development
Richard Eberlin (FAO)

Critical Review of the draft
Francisco Onega Lopez (USC), Marcial Diaz Manso, Cristina Zolle Fernandez

Technical session: Public Land Banking

Land Banking in Spain: A comparison between Bantegal model and other models implemented in Spain
Jose Marcial Diaz Manso, Cristina Zolle Fernandez, Quico Onega Lopez

Land banking/Land Funds: important catalysts for Land Consolidation in Sweden
Mats Backman

Lithuanian Land Fund: Evaluation criteria for positioning a land fund
Frank van Holst (DLG)

Technical session: Legislative Framework of Land Consolidation/Land Banking


A reference model for a general legislative framework
Nicolai Meier

Enabling legislation for land consolidation and land banking
Margret Vidar (Legal Service, FAO)

Selling Land by Public Authorities within EU rules
Jan Spijkerboer

Land Consolidation Projects in Turkey
Gursel Kusek

(Re)-organising land management and land banking in Lithuania
Giedre Leimontaite, Audrius Petkevicius

Country reports

Dr. Robert Sebestyen (President of National Land Fund Management Organisation)

Rene Gijsbertse

Related publications

(The below listed three papers were avalable full text in PDF format, on the homepage of the National Land Service of Lithuania)


Lithuanian Land Fund
Edited by Frank van Holst


Far Land Near Future
The publication is the final result of INTERREG IIIC project "Future Approaches to Land Development" (FARLAND), Published by FARARLANDANDAND in collaboration with FARARLANDANDAND project partners


FARLAND - Strategic Vision
By FARLAND Team, November 2007