FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Regional Workshop on Land Consolidation and Territorial Organization

Prague, Czech Republic, 07/03/2005 - 10/03/2005

A Regional Workshop, sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Czech Republic, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), was held during 7-10 March 2005 in Prague to provide countries in Central and Eastern Europe with an opportunity to address emerging issues regarding land consolidation.

Over 50 people attended the workshop. Funding from the Czech Ministry of Agriculture and FAO's Land Tenure Service enabled two participants to attend from 18 countries (Albania, Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine) and the territory of Kosovo.

The workshop's objectives were to bring relevant experience on land consolidation from Western Europe; and to expand and strengthen the network of land administrators in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, the workshop served as the official launch for FAO's publications on land consolidation pilot projects.

The workshop provided a forum for participants to find out what was happening in other countries, and to get to know the people who were doing the work. Each country prepared a written case study and made a presentation at the workshop on recent activities and priorities for the future. The experiences of more advanced countries were helpful to the countries that are just starting land consolidation initiatives.

Meeting documents

Opening and discussion papers

Land consolidation and rural development FAO of the UN
David Palmer, Vladimir Evtimov

Getting land consolidation pilot projects going
Niels Otto Haldrup, Morten Hartvigsen, Erik Blaabjerg

How to develop a vision of land consolidation
the Netherlands
Adri van den Brink

Getting land consolidation pilot projects sustainable. Capacity building
the Netherlands
Jan Spijkerboer

Country case studies

Land fragmentation and land consolidation in Albania
Fatbardh Sallaku

Present land consolidation activities in Armenia and next steps
Hayk Sahakyan

State of land issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Hamid Custovic, Esad Bukalo

Land consolidation and territorial organization in Bulgaria
Mihail Kasabov, Daniela Stoyneva

The first wave of the agricultural land reform in Croatia
Ana Budanko Penavic, Zlatko Medic

The situation of land management and re-parcelling in the Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Jiri Trnka, Jana Pivcova

Experience from land consolidation process in district Brno - Venkov
Czech Republic
Radmila Grmelova

System of education in the field of land consolidation in the Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Pavel Ondr

Process of land consolidation in the Czech Republic: the private sector perspective
Czech Republic
Tomas Vybíral

The Czech land parcel information system (LPIS) - a solution for the third millennium
Czech Republic
Mojmir Macek

The current status, lessons learned and future priorities and issues for Estonia
Ain Kendra, Siim Maasikamäe

Aspects of land consolidation in Georgia
David Egiashvili

Land consolidation in Hungary
András Osskó, Robert Sebestyén

Land consolidation in the creation of a cadastral model and its influence in the economic development of Kosovo
Kosovo (as per UN SCR 1244/99)
Murat Meha, Qemajl Kadiri

Land consolidation in Latvia
Valentina Micurova

Preparation for land consolidation in Lithuania
Vilma Daugaliene

Land consolidation (re-parcelling) as one of the modes for the enlargement of agricultural land in Macedonia
Kiril Georgievski, Bisera Jakimovska

Agricultural land management in the process of accession to the European Union
Andrzej Zadura

State pre-emption right of agricultural land in Poland
Tomasz Ciodyk

Agricultural land reform and land consolidation in Romania
Marioara Rusu, Virgil Pamfil

Developing a farm land redistribution model in Russia
Alexey Overchuk, Lennart Hansen, Niels Henrik Hansen

The state of land management and land consolidation in Serbia and Montenegro
Serbia & Montenegro
Stevan Marosan, Zoran Knezevic

Land consolidation in the Slovak Republic
Mikulas Tekel, Richard Lazur

Land consolidation in Slovenia
Leon Ravnikar, Darko Tanko

Land (hypothec) bank and land market in Ukraine: problems and prospects of formation
Roman Shmidt