FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Regional consultation on integrated land use planning

Virtual Event, 13/12/2023

The growing demand for food is increasing pressure on land and water resources. FAO estimates that in 2050, agriculture will need to produce almost 50 percent more food, feed and biofuel than it did in 2012. Integrated land use planning is needed at different levels of decision-making to promote sustainable and efficient use of resources and to cope with current and future challenges of population growth and increasing demands. 

FAO published the first 'Guidelines for land-use planning' in 1993 as the first key source of knowledge on land use planning. After 30 years, new challenges, demands and insights for integrated land use planning call for an update of these guidelines. In this context, FAO has been working on the new version of 'Guidelines for integrated land use planning - an update' in collaboration with key partner institutions. 

In particular, the regional consultations on integrated land use planning will provide an opportunity to: 

  • raise awareness and provide a clearer understanding of the new version; 
  • invite government departments who are in charge of integrated land use planning to share their experiences, good practices and present case studies that demonstrate specific challenges faced in the country as well as potential synergies that can be harnessed to implement integrated land use planning at national and local levels; 
  • discuss the criteria of selecting case studies to be further integrated into the integrated land use planning to exchange lessons learned.