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Journée internationale de la sécurité sanitaire des aliments: actualités

World Food Safety Day 2023 will highlight food standards

The World Food Safety Day 2023 campaign has started today, with the theme “Food standards save lives”. The theme coincides with the 60th anniversary of Codex Alimentarius this year and encourages food safety advocates around the world to focus on the importance of applying standards in every aspect of food production - from the source to the table. The launch saw the publication of this year’s guide in all six UN [...]
06 March 2023

Samoa holds a week-long celebration of World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day (WFSD) activities in Samoa took place from 31 May to 7 June 2022, with the participation of over 1000 people. Activities consisted of interviews with Samoa National Codex Committee members, the screening of the interviews on television and social media, a World Food Safety Day-themed Trivia session on national television, and food-safety booths located next to the Accident Compensation Corporation Building (ACC) in Apia, Samoa.   Interviews with [...]
24 January 2023

Hygiene firm Diversey focuses on food safety in month-long World Food Safety Day celebrations

As a provider of food safety solutions, the global hygiene company, Diversey, organized month-long celebrations for World Food Safety Day 7–30 of June. Celebrations featured a food safety talk by the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, white papers and educational videos by company experts and scientists on various topics aligned with World Food Safety Day themes.  The company also leveraged its social media network in over 80 countries to educate and [...]
14 December 2022

Portugal’s Sumol+Campol organizes World Food Safety Day event to promote company-wide food safety awareness

Sumol+Compal, the Portuguese fruit and vegetable juice and snack company, promoted World Food Safety Day on 8 June with a webinar for all employees, which aimed to promote and consolidate the culture of quality and food safety within the organization. The webinar, which took place in collaboration with Sumol+Compal partners and official entities, addressed a number of food safety issues. The first presentation was from Filipa Melo de Vasconcelos, Sub-inspector General of [...]
12 December 2022

William Cole vineyard highlights good practices in Chile for World Food Safety Day

At William Cole (Tapihue) Wines’ Viña El Rosal in Chile this year, World Food Safety Day was observed in an event that included a talk and demonstrations about the culture of food safety within the company. By using microscopes and petri dishes with bacterial cultures in various stages of growth, the event holders graphically demonstrated the risks transmitted by poor hygienic practices and how to detect them. They talked about [...]
12 December 2022

Boston Sword & Tuna honours food safety staff

Boston Sword and Tuna in the United States of America celebrated World Food Safety Day at its facility. Management thanked food safety employees, who were treated to a celebratory cake, and discussed the role and importance of being food safety promoters. The company explained that it adheres to food safety and quality standards and has a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-registered facility which ensures conformance with codes of practice, industry standards, [...]
12 December 2022

World Food Safety Day: an opportunity for the Government of Uganda to promote safe food throughout the food chain

World Food Safety Day messages were delivered this year by ministers and experts in Uganda, who encouraged food business operators throughout the supply chain to help improve food safety within the country. The messages were delivered through TV and print media and a three-day training course was implemented “for food business operators and regulators in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries”, according to The New Vision [...]
29 November 2022

Discussions, speeches and a quiz all contribute to World Food Safety Day events at Abbott Nutrition, India

At the pharmaceuticals company, Abbott Nutrition India, staff and employees celebrated World Food Safety Day this year, with a number of different activities. Over 250 team members took part in food safety discussions and listened to key messages from site leaders and messages about World Food Safety Day on the year’s theme, Safer Food, Better Health. Key staff contributors to food safety were recognized by management and a company-wide quiz saw [...]
29 November 2022

The Lao People's Democratic Republic celebrates World Food Safety Day with New Zealand-backed project

For World Food Safety Day 2022, the Mekong Institute (MI) joined stakeholders of the national food control system in the Lao People's Democratic Republic to commemorate the importance of food safety for public and economic health. In a forum aimed at strengthening multi-agency and multi-stakeholder collaboration, participants also sought to ensure enhanced awareness among consumers of the importance of safer food. MI is supporting the Lao government’s goals of advancing food safety across [...]
18 November 2022

Le rapport de la Journée internationale de la sécurité sanitaire des aliments 2022 vient d’être publié!

Chaque année, la Journée internationale de la sécurité sanitaire des aliments rencontre un succès grandissant. Et l’édition 2022 ne fait pas exception. En effet, avec plus de 450 événements organisés dans au moins 109 pays et une portée de plus de 800 millions de vues sur Twitter pour le hashtag créé à l’occasion de la Journée internationale de la sécurité sanitaire des aliments, la population mondiale est encore plus sensibilisée en 2022 à cette [...]
26 October 2022
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