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Programme Forêts et eau

Module 1

Urban water blueprint
September 2019
Type: Othe publication
Online tool that analyses the state of water in over 2,000 watersheds and 530 cities globally. It provides science-based recommendations for natural solutions to improve water quality.
Type: Othe publication
El estudio busca compilar y sistematizar el conocimiento científico y local existente sobre la relación entre plantas leñosas, coberturas/usos de la tierra y servicios hidrológicos en los Andes tropicales, con el fin de brindar recomendaciones y orientar prácticas y políticas de restauración.
Championing the forest-water nexus: Report on meeting of key forest and water stakeholders
March 2018
Type: Othe publication
Working paper summarizing the outcomes of a meeting with 12 experts from the forest and water sectors. Hosted in parallel to World Water Week 2017. It includes information on issues and messages, communication strategies and possible activities.
The United Nations world water development report 2018: Nature-based solutions for water
January 2018
Type: Othe publication
Report on different types of nature-based for water and their integration in policy and management. This report looks at the current state of the world’s water resources and the importance of NBS for managing water quantity and quality. It also includes case studies and recommendations on mainstreaming NBS to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Trees, forests and water: Cool insights for a hot world
March 2017
Type: Othe publication
Journal article on the importance of forests within the forest, water and energy cycle interactions. It includes recommendations for including these consideration in forest and water governance and the inclusion of forests and trees in sustainability, adaptation and mitigation frameworks.
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