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Programme Forêts et eau

Module 5

Guidelines for formulating national forest financing strategies
January 2013
Type: FAO publication
FAO publication that provides a set of guidelines for formulating national forest financing strategies to invigorate the forestry sector and enhance sustainable forest management.
Type: Othe publication
El manual contempla tres grandes rubros: el paisaje, el rodal y el sitio, que es en donde se considera que se deben de llevar a cabo las mejores prácticas.
Guidelines for forest management planning
January 1998
Type: FAO publication
Chapter 3 of FAO Forestry Paper 135, which provides advice related mainly to one of the seven or eight commonly used criteria for sustainable forest management: the productive functions of the forest; and more specifically, on the production of timber, wood and wood products from forest ecosystems.  This guidance will support managers working in and close to tropical forests so they can plan and undertake operations where the production of wood is the main objective, within the wider framework of a comprehensive strategy into which the various complementary components of sustainability are incorporated in a holistic manner.