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About the Mediterranean Youth Task Force (MYTF)

The Mediterranean Youth Task Force is the youth-branch of the Silva Mediterranea secretariat. It is a self-led group of engaged young people up to 35 years old who are either from or living in the Mediterranean region. Participants are students, researchers, young professionals or those with active roles in the forest sector of the Mediterranean region.  

The MYTF is the result of a highlighted need and agreement to involve more young people to participate in forest issues in the region during the Seventh Mediterranean Forest Week (7MFW) in Antalya, Türkiye, in March 2022. During the week, the Mediterranean Youth Dialogue was held, resulting in a Mediterranean Youth Statement containing the main challenges and recommendations presented by young participants. The MYTF represents an effort to promote and guide a regional network of youth in the forest sector and related areas. It is supported by the European Forest Institute Mediterranean Facility (EFIMED). 

The overall goal of the MYTF is to facilitate youth engagement in Mediterranean forestry issues. 

The Mediterranean Youth Task Force has three main objectives:  
  • participate, organize and promote knowledge-sharing and capacity-building activities in the areas of work of the Silva Mediterranea Secretariat, its five active working groups and other forestry youth networks; 
  • promote spaces for exchange and dialogue, not only among youth, but also with decision-makers in the forestry sector of the region; and 
  • propose, lead and adhere to innovative actions in the forest sector of the Mediterranean, promoting youth action and participation.

In March 2022, during the seventh Mediterranean Forest Week (7MFW) held in Antalya, Türkiye, Silva Mediterranea had a successful youth dialogue where young people from the Mediterranean region discussed the most prominent issues affecting youth involvement in the forest sector. 

As a result, the Mediterranean Youth Statement was developed and presented by two young representatives at the high-level segment of the 7MFW. It also fed into the regional youth consultations of the XI World Forestry Congress and its “Work with us – Youth Call for Action”. 

The Mediterranean “Youth Statement” highlighted that young people should be properly recognized as agents of change and included in all levels of decision-making processes. It revealed that youth in the region face a lack of inclusion, participation and representation in policy dialogues and decision-making processes in the forest sector. However, young generations are organized and eager to be integrated into high-level discussions, to participate and to be consulted. In addition, in the transitional period between academic and working careers, youth face significant difficulties that may be improved through the creation of enhanced employment opportunities, and the promotion of traineeships, internships, mentorship programs and grants. The statement recalls the importance of the availability of economic and financial resources for youth in the education and working fields of the forestry sector. Beyond highlighting the gaps encountered by young foresters in the region, the Youth Statement also provides a vision of what youth can bring to the table and contribute to. It encouraged the creation of the Mediterranean Youth Task Force (MYTF) as a strong youth network focused on integrating youth in forestry issues in the region.

MYTF Direction Board and Committees

As a self-led youth network, the Mediterranean Youth Task Force (MYTF) is based on a participatory structure to enable meaningful participation and engagement of the youth.  

The MYTF is structured and led by the Direction Board, which leads the work and efforts of the taskforce. The Direction Board is responsible for the overall functioning of the taskforce, coordinating all the committees and activities. The Direction Board consists of the following roles:  

  • MYTF coordinator;  
  • MYTF deputy coordinator; 
  • communications coordinator; 
  • partnerships coordinator; 
  • events coordinator; 
  • financial coordinator; and 
  • scientific coordinator.  

The committees promote youth engagement. Each committee has a specific focus and is guided and supervised by a coordinator to facilitate the work.  

Meet the 2023 MYTF Board here.

MYTF 2023 board
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