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South-south Cooperation
06 Sep 2019
FAO, IFAD and WFP highlight the commitment of leaving no one behind in achieving SDG2
Rome - The UN Rome-based Agencies (RBAs), namely, FAO, IFAD and WFP, observed the UN Day for South-South Cooperation with an event hosted at WFP which highlighted the importance of “leaving no one behind” in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event built on the recognition of the rising importance of South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC), and the call for more investments in this area which found global endorsement earlier this year at the Second High-level United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation (BAPA+40), held in March in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At this conference, SSTC was recognized as a critical driver...
South-south Cooperation
30 Aug 2019
Goiás, Brasil, 30 de agosto de 2019 – La Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y Agricultura (FAO), en conjunto con la Organización Internacional del Trabajo y la Agencia Brasileña de Cooperación (ABC) promovieron una visita técnica a la Empresa Brasileña de Investigación (Embrapa) en la ciudad de Goiania (Embrapa Arroz e Feijão) de representantes de Colombia e países de África que participan de proyectos de Cooperación Sur-Sur Trilateral con el Gobierno brasileño, FAO y OIT.
Civil Society
27 Aug 2019
“慢食” 与粮农组织联手 重振叙利亚农业
罗马/大马士革 -- 本周,"慢食"与联合国粮食及农业组织(粮农组织)组织叙利亚女性小农到意大利西北部游学。 两大组织联手加强叙利亚小规模女性粮食生产者的技能,是为了支持受危机影响的社区重获或增强生计,并重振该国农业部门。 七名叙利亚妇女将在皮埃蒙特和利古里亚地区的农民社区参观学习。这两个地区生产和营销品质优良且尊重传统的本地有机和手工食品。 这些妇女有望获得奶制品、蜂蜜、油类、谷物、面包和蔬菜等一系列产品的生产、营销和价值链领域的全面知识,并在回国后将这些知识传授给社区里的其他女性农民。她们还将被纳入"慢食"全球本地农民网络,以继续学习和分享知识与经验。
South-south Cooperation
06 Aug 2019
6 August 2019 ROME, ITALY – The directors responsible for South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC) at the three United Nations Rome-Based Agencies (RBAs) met at FAO headquarters to discuss collaborative strategies to leverage SSTC for sustainable development. The directors, Shengyao Tang (FAO), Ron Hartman (IFAD), Wei Wang (IFAD), and David Kaatrud (WFP), as well as Assistant Director-General Roberto Ridolfi (FAO), each expressed their...
South-south Cooperation
06 Aug 2019
6 August 2019 ROME, ITALY – On the first day of his mandate, Director-General QU conducted a greeting tour of FAO headquarters, which included a visit to the Office of South-South and Triangular Cooperation (OSS). After extending a warm welcome, OSS Director Tang provided DG QU with a brief introduction of the work of OSS since its establishment as a dedicated office in January 2019, highlighting the Tenth Anniversary Event for the FAO-China SSC Programme, which will be held between 25 and 27 November 2019 in Kampala, Uganda.