International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Status of Contributions

The Work Programme of the International Treaty is financed from contributions made by Parties to various Trust Funds established by the Governing Body in its Financial Rules. This page makes available a financial update on the contributions received for the current biennium and on the balance of the different funds.

The Core Administrative Budget (CAB) and the Reserve Funds

Work Programme and Budget 2018-19

Work Programme and Budget 2018-19 and the Indicative Scale of Contributions 2018-19, including the Computation of Contributions to the Core Administrative Budget and the amounts due to the Working Capital Reserve.

Reports 2018 -2019

Financial Report 2018-2019 for the Budget of the International Treaty, Including statements of amounts due and received for The Working Capital Reserve and The Third Party Beneficiary Operational Reserve

Financial Statements 2018-2019 for the Core Administrative Budget, Special Funds for Agreed Purposes and Special Funds to support the participation of developing Contracting Parties and the Benefit-sharing Fund

Implementation Report of the Work Programme for the 2018–2019 Biennium

Reports 2016-2017


Financial Report 2016-2017

Financial statements 2016-2017

Reports 2014-2015

Financial Report 2014-2015

Financial statements 2014-2015

Reports 2012-2013

Financial Report 2012-2013

Financial statements 2012-2013

Reports 2010-2011

Financial Report 2010-2011

Financial statements 2010-2011

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