International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture


InforMEA is a web portal and the first project established by "The MEA IKM Initiative". InforMEA harvests COPs and GBs decisions and resolutions, news, events, membership, national focal points, national reports and implementation plans from Secretariats of the treaties, conventions and the other relevant instruments and organizes this information around a set of agreed terms.

The MEA IKM Initiative is an information and knowledge management initiative that brings together multilateral environmental agreements and other relevant international instruments to share information. It has developed harmonized and interoperable information systems for the benefit of Parties and their communities. The Initiative is funded by the European Union and facilitated by the United Nations Environment Programme and is governed by a steering committee that meets annually and provides strategic direction. It has also several ad hoc thematic working groups that meet electronically several times during the year to help with the technical implementation.

The MEA IKM initiative included more than 50 instruments from 13 Secretariats hosted by three UN organizations in April 2017. The complete updated list is available on the website.

So far, the International Treaty has contributed to InforMEA with news, events, information on the country membership and the officially designated national focal points. The International Treaty has also collaborated with InforMEA in the development of training courses related to biodiversity conservation and use.


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