International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

DOI experiences

Documentation of Users’ Experiences on DOI Application

At its third meeting, the Scientific Advisory Committee on Article 17 of the Treaty advised the Secretary to document experiences in the application of Digital Object Identifiers by early adopters. It also advised the Secretary to gather information on expectations from other potential users, as well as on other cases identified. In the context of the discussion on the Masterplan for the GLIS Portal, the Committee further advised the Secretary to develop model cases illustrating the effectiveness of connecting existing information systems through the GLIS.

Accordingly, the Committee developed a list of major GLIS users and the Secretary gathered inputs from those users who apply DOIs. The full analysis of the inputs can be found in “Documentation of Users’ Experiences on DOI Application - Feedback analysis”.

At the same meeting, the Committee requested the Secretary  to gather more information from GLIS users, including CGIAR Centres and other institutions managing crop germplasm repositories, on the current application of Digital Object Identifiers to crop germplasm in the Multilateral System for which digital sequence information / genetic sequence data are available in GLIS-compatible information systems.

The Secretary received the submissions below, in the form of public statements or reports.





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