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Reference Date: 05-August-2014


  1. Near-average 2014 wheat production anticipated

  2. Wheat exports in 2014/15 forecast close to the previous year’s level

  3. Export prices of wheat stable in July

Near-average 2014 wheat production anticipated

Harvesting of the 2014 spring crops, mainly wheat, accounting for over 95 percent of annual cereal production, is currently underway and will be concluded by the end of September. Weather conditions between April and June were generally favourable, benefitting planting activities and early development of crops. Heavy rains in July, particularly over the northern part of the country, including Kostanay, North Kazakhstan and Akmola regions, are expected to cause limited damages to spring crops. FAO forecasts the 2014 wheat output at 14.8 million tonnes, 6 percent up from the 2013 below-average output. Barley and other feed crops are also anticipated to stay at around the level of the previous year. The 2014 total cereal output is expected to reach 18.5 million tonnes, an improvement of 5 percent over the previous year’s average level. The projected outcome is also based on a significant increase in Government’s agricultural support, including subsidies to fuel, fertilizers and other inputs, as well as lower interest rates for leasing agricultural machinery.

Wheat exports in 2014/15 forecast close to the previous year’s level

Kazakhstan is a main exporter of cereals (mainly wheat) and plays an important role in the subregion’s food security. The bulk of cereals is traditionally exported to CIS countries (namely Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) and to Afghanistan.

Exports of wheat in the 2014/15 marketing year (July /June) are tentatively forecast to remain around the 2013/14 level of 7.5 million tonnes. However, increases of Government’s investments in transportation and infrastructure may result in additional exports’ opportunities this season, notably to China, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey.

Export prices of wheat stable in July

Wheat export prices were stable in July, as the start of the harvest period approaches and prospects for the 2014 crop are generally favourable. Prices in July were some 8 percent below their year-earlier levels, despite some increases between April and June due to dwindling export availabilities.

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