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Reference Date: 08-August-2014


  1. Food and sugar cane production register small declines in 2013

  2. Inflation declines moderately in 2014

Food production decreases in 2013

The country meets the bulk of its cereal requirement with imports. Domestic food production, mainly vegetables and fruits, registered a small 3 percent decline in 2013, despite a marginal increase in the area planted. Reduced production of potatoes and tomatoes, due to unfavourable weather conditions, mainly account for the lower overall output last year. Similarly, production of sugar cane, a significant export earner, decreased by 3 percent, as a result of lower yields and smaller plantings Consequently, sugar production declined marginally in 2013.

Inflation falls moderately in second quarter of 2014

The consumer price index decreased marginally in June 2014 by 1 percent compared to the level in March. Lower prices of vegetables largely account for this fall, but further declines were prevented due to higher prices of fish, fruits and other food products. On an annual basis, the inflation rate in June was about 3 percent higher.

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