Международный договор о генетических ресурсах растений для производства продовольствия и ведения сельского хозяйства

Subsidiary Bodies 2020-2021

Ad Hoc Technical Committee on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ACSU)

Ad Hoc Technical Advisory Committee on the Multilateral System and the Standard Material Transfer Agreement (AC-SMTA-MLS)

Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Farmers’ Rights (AHTEG-FR)

Compliance Committe (CC)

Scientific Advisory Committee on the Global Information System of Article 17 (SAC-GLIS)

Standing Committee on the Funding Strategy and Resource Mobilization (SCFS)

The Governing Body requested that the Bureau of the Ninth Session, with the support of the Secretary, conduct the review of subsidiary bodies and intersessional processes, building upon the elements of the Reference Note on Subsidiary Bodies and Intersessional Processes provided for the Eighth Session (IT/GB-8/19/16.2/Inf.1), with a view to providing recommendations, including on coordination among subsidiary bodies and avoiding duplication of efforts, for the consideration of the Governing Body at its Ninth Session.

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