Международный договор о генетических ресурсах растений для производства продовольствия и ведения сельского хозяйства

Multi-Year Programme of Work of the International Treaty

The Multi-Year Programme of Work of the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (MYPoW) was adopted by the Governing Body by Resolution 13/2019.

In the same Resolution, the Governing Body thanked those Contracting Parties, other governments, relevant stakeholders and individuals that provided information on, inter alia, terminology used in this area, actors involved with “digital sequence information” on plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. Moreover, and with the view to get a report at its Ninth session, the Governing Body requested the Secretary to continue following the discussions on “digital sequence information” in other fora and to continue coordinating with the Secretariats of the CBD and the CGRFA in any related activities in order to ensure coherence and avoid duplication of efforts.

The Governing Body also requested that the Bureau of the Ninth Session, with the support of the Secretary, conduct the review of subsidiary bodies and intersessional processes, building upon the elements of the Reference Note on Subsidiary Bodies and Intersessional Processes provided for the Eighth Session (IT/GB-8/19/16.2/Inf.1), with a view to providing recommendations, including on coordination among subsidiary bodies and avoiding duplication of efforts, for the consideration of the Governing Body at its Ninth Session.

MYPOW 2021-2025  -  Major Outputs and Milestones

The main function of the Governing Body is to promote the full implementation of the International Treaty, keeping in view of its objectives. The purpose of the Multi-Year Programme of Work (MYPoW) is to plan and structure the work of the Governing Body in a coherent and integrated manner to advance the implementation of the International Treaty, highlighting key issues for consideration and the expected major outputs and milestones to be achieved at the respective sessions of the Governing Body. The MYPoW will be reviewed and updated at each session, as needed, based on the decisions of the Governing Body.



9th Session


10th Session


11th Session



Conservation and Sustainable Use of PGRFA (Art 5&6)

Review the decisions taken at the Eighth Session 

Farmers’ Rights (Art 9)

Review of the decisions taken at the Eighth Session on Article 9

Review options for encouraging, guiding and promoting the realization of Farmers´ Rights

Multilateral System (Art 10-13)

Review report of the 4th project cycle of the Benefit-sharing Fund

Presentation of a report on availability of material


Global Information System (Art 17)

Review of the Programme of Work on the Global Information System (2016-2022)

Consideration of Programme of Work on the Global Information System (2023-xxxx)

Report on the implementation of the PoW on GLIS

Funding Strategy (Art 18)

Review of the Funding Strategy

Compliance (Art 21) & National Reporting

Presentation of Outlook Report on the Implementation of the International Treaty on PGRFA

Review of the analysis of 2nd national reports

Other Items

Stock taking of SDG Goals 2 & 15 related to PGRFA

Contribution to Third State of the World’s PGRFA

Consideration of inputs for the Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework

Consideration of the status of the science-based process on ‘DSI’ of the CBD, and the discussions of the CGRFA on ‘DSI’ in relation to PGRFA as decided at its 17th Regular Session

Consideration of additional inputs from Contracting Parties on “digital sequence information”

Consideration of updates by the Secretary on CBD and CGRFA processes on “digital sequence information”

Presentation of Third State of the World’s PGRFAConsideration of potential implications of the use of “digital sequence information” on PGRFA for the objectives of the International Treaty

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