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Comité del Codex sobre Aditivos Alimentarios
27/03/2023 - 31/03/2023 | RAE de Hong Kong, China


## Updated 28/03/2023 - 10:20 (CET) ##

The 53rd Session of the Committee on Food Additives has been scheduled to take place in Hong Kong, China from 27 to 31 March 2023.
The provisional programme is available here in English only.
Physical working groups (PWGs) will take place on 24 and 25 March 2023 (see details below).
The Plenary Sessions of CCFA53 will be Webcast in Chinese, English, French and Spanish.

The following sessions are planned (English only) with webcast:
Friday 24 March (09:00-18:00): Physical Working Group on the General Standard for Food Additives (GSFA)
Saturday 25 March (09:00-12:30): Physical Working Group on the General Standard for Food Additives (GSFA) ... cont.
Saturday 25 March (14:30-18:00): Physical Working Group on Alignment and Endorsement.

Recordings of the sessions are available below:

Friday 24 March 2023
PWG on the GSFA (Morning session): EN
PWG on the GSFA (Afternoon session): EN
Saturday 25 March 2023
PWG on the GSFA (Morning session): EN
PWG on Alignment and Endorsement (Afternoon session PT1): EN
PWG on Alignment and Endorsement (Afternoon session PT2): EN

[email protected]


At lunchtime on Wednesday 29 March, there will be a panel discussion to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Codex Alimentarius Commission.
From the earliest expert FAO/WHO consultations to the latest developments in the field in the food industry, experts will share their stories, passions and views and explore with the audience what the future may hold.

List of panellists
Markus Lipp, FAO
Maia Jack, International Council of Beverages Associations (ICBA)
Jiri Socher, European Union
Cynthia Rousselot, International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA)
Steve Theriault, Canada (with Robin Churchill)

Practical information for delegates planning to attend CCFA53 is also available here.
The Session will also be webcast on Zoom in listening mode. To follow the broadcast please register here.
Delegations attending CCFA53 remotely cannot make verbal interventions and they will not be included in the list of participants of CCFA53

Delegations attending the session physically should provide their information (names and addresses) through the Codex Online Registration system by accessing the link below, latest by 27 February 2023.

Login and password for the online registration have been provided to all Codex Contact Points and Contact Points of Observer Organizations. If the login and password have not been received, please contact [email protected].

On-site registration (to collect your badges and other materials) will also be available will be open on Friday 24 March and Saturday 25 March 2023 from 08.00 to 16:00 HKT and from 08.00 HKT on Monday 27 March 2023.



Photo credit must be given: ©FAO/Codex. Editorial use only. Copyright ©FAO.


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TemaDescripciónFecha de carga
Documento de referencia
106Documento de Debate sobre la Elaboración de la Norma de Levadura01/03/2023
13Cuadro informativo sobre los números del SIN eliminados y reasignados17/12/2022
FA/53 INF/03
9Documento de debate sobre la disposición relativa a los aditivos alimentarios para el uso de citrato trisódico en la categoría de alimentos 01.1.1 “Leche líquida (natural/simple)” 19/01/2023
CX/FA 23/53/16
5.5Información general sobre la disponibilidad de datos relativos a nitratos y nitritos (respuestas a la carta circular CL 2021/82-FA)06/01/2023
CX/FA 23/53/11
5.1Norma general para los aditivos alimentarios (NGAA): Disposiciones sobre aditivos alimentarios para colorantes en las categorías de alimentos 01.0 a 03.0 y sus subcategorías, incluidas las disposiciones adoptadas para los colorantes con la Nota 161 y los proyectos y anteproyectos de disposiciones (pendientes de la 52.ª reunión del CCFA)10/01/2023
CX/FA 23/53/7
12Documento de información sobre las disposiciones para aditivos alimentarios en las normas para productos04/01/2023
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5.6Información sobre el uso comercial del ortofenilfenol (SIN 231) y el ortofenilfenol de sodio (SIN 232) en alimentos (respuestas a la carta circular CL 2021/83-FA)06/01/2023
CX/FA 23/53/12
6.1Anteproyecto de revisión del Sistema Internacional de Numeración (SIN) de los aditivos alimentarios (CXG 36-1989)12/01/2023
CX/FH 23/53/13
2.1Asuntos remitidos por la Comisión del Codex Alimentarius y otros órganos auxiliares 25/01/2023
CX/FA 23/53/2
11Documento de información para el debate sobre la NGAA13/01/2023
FA/53 INF/01
1Programa provisional18/01/2023
CX/FA 23/53/1
3.2Anteproyectos de especificaciones de identidad y pureza de los aditivos alimentarios formuladas por el JECFA en sus reuniones 92.ª y 95.ª, respectivamente26/01/2023
CX/FA 23/53/4
4.1Ratificación y/o revisión de niveles máximos para los aditivos alimentarios y coadyuvantes de elaboración en normas del Codex26/01/2023
CX/FA 23/53/5
5.4Documento del estado de todas las disposiciones adoptadas sobre aditivos alimentarios en la NGAA para aditivos con función de edulcorante no asociadas a la Nota 16131/01/2023
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3.1Asuntos de interés planteados por la FAO/OMS y en las reuniones 92.ª y 95.ª del Comité Mixto FAO/OMS de Expertos en Aditivos Alimentarios (JECFA), respectivamente02/02/2023
CX/FA 23/53/3
4.2Armonización de las disposiciones sobre aditivos alimentarios de las normas para productos básicos: informe del Grupo de trabajo por medios electrónicos (GTe) encargado de la armonización16/03/2023
CX/FA 23/53/6
10Documento de debate sobre el uso de determinados aditivos alimentarios en la producción de vinos 10/02/2023
CX/FA 23/53/17
5.3Norma general para los aditivos alimentarios (NGAA): Propuestas de disposiciones nuevas o de revisión de disposiciones sobre aditivos alimentarios (respuestas a la CL 2019/55-FA)15/02/2023
CX/FA 23/53/9
7Propuestas de adiciones y cambios a la Lista de prioridades de sustancias propuestas para su evaluación por el JECFA (respuestas a la carta circular CL 2021/81-FA)10/02/2023
CX/FA 23/53/14
3.11Asuntos referidos a riboflavina de Ashbya gossypii 10/02/2023
CX/FA 23/53/3 Add1
6.2Anteproyecto de revisión de Nombres genéricos y sistema internacional de numeración de aditivos alimentarios (CXG 36-1989) (respuestas a CL 2023/4-FA) 15/02/2023
CX/FA 23/53/13Add.1
5.2Norma general para los aditivos alimentarios (NGAA): Informe del GTE sobre la NGAA01/03/2023
CX/FA 23/53/8
8Documento de debate sobre la asignación de categorías de alimentos de la NGAA a la base de datos FoodEx2 20/02/2023
CX/FA 23/53/15
2.2Asuntos planteados en el 45.º período de sesiones de la Comisión del Codex Alimentarius20/02/2023
CX/FA 23/53/2 Add1
3.3Anteproyecto de especificaciones de identidad y pureza de los aditivos alimentarios formuladas por el JECFA en sus reuniones 92.a y 95.a, respectivamente01/03/2023
CX/FA 23/53/4 Add.1
3.12Cuestiones relacionadas con el extracto de espirulina (SIN 134)13/03/2023
CX/FA 23/53/3 Add.2
10.1Documento de debate sobre el uso de aditivos alimentarios en la producción de vino - propuesta de nota revisada15/03/2023
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2.3Asuntos derivados de la 43.a reunión del CCNFSDU21/03/2023
CX/FA 23/53/2 Add.2
4.3Enmiendas revisadas al Proyecto de norma para preparados complementarios para lactantes de más edad y producto para niños pequeños, derivadas de la armonización22/03/2023
CX/FA 23/53/6 Add.1
5.21Norma general para los aditivos alimentarios (NGAA): Informe del GTE sobre la NGAA (dos disposiciones che faltan)21/03/2023
CX/FA 23/53/8 Add.1
101Division of comptence between the European Union and its Member States27/07/2021
0.01Draft report30/03/2023
Draft REP23/FA
107Proposed agenda on the In-session working group on The international numbering system for food additives (INS) : Agenda Item 618/03/2023
108Proposal for addition of adipic acid (INS 355) to JECFA priority list : Agenda Item 719/03/2023
109FAO corporate brochure on food safety and strategic priorities document : Agenda Item 3(a)20/03/2023
110Comments of the European Union, India, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Republic of Korea, Rwanda and Senegal on Agenda Item 5(a)23/03/2023
112Comments of Indonesia, Kenya and Senegal on Agenda Item 5(c)23/03/2023
111Comments of Brazil, El Salvador, the European Union, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Republic of Korea, Senegal and ICBA on Agenda Item 5(b)23/03/2023
113Comments of the USA on Agenda Item 3(a) and 4(b)24/03/2023
114Comments of Ecuador, Senegal and South Africa on Agenda Item 5(c)24/03/2023
115Comments of Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal on Agenda Item 4(a)24/03/2023
116Comments of the European Union, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Thailand and ISDI on Agenda Item 4(b)24/03/2023
117Comments of South Africa on Agenda Item 5(b)24/03/2023
118Comments of China and Paraguay on Agenda Item 4(a) and 4(b)25/03/2023
119Comments of the European Union, Nigeria and Senegal on Agenda Item 226/03/2023
120Comments of Burundi, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Paraguay, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, IACM, ICBA and IFT on Agenda Item 3(a)26/03/2023
121Comments of Burundi, Ghana, Kenya, Paraguay, Philippines, Russian Federation and Senegal on Agenda Item 3(b)26/03/2023
122Comments of Burundi, Ghana, Russian Federation, IACM and IFT on Agenda Item 5(a), 5(b), 5(c), 526/03/2023
123Comments of Ghana, Japan, Nigeria, Russian Federation and Senegal on Agenda Item 5(d)26/03/2023
124Comments of China and Senegal on Agenda Item 5(e)26/03/2023
125Comments of Ghana and South Africa on Agenda Item 5(f)26/03/2023
126Comments of Burundi, Ghana, Nigeria, Paraguay, Ruassian Federation and Rwanda on Agenda Item 626/03/2023
127Comments of Burundi, Dominican Republic, Ghana and Russian Federation on Agenda Item 726/03/2023
128Comments of the European Union, Ghana, Russian Federation and ICBA on Agenda Item 826/03/2023
129Comments of Burundi, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Russian Federation, Senegal and South Africa on Agenda Item 926/03/2023
131Comments of OENOPPIA on Agenda Item 1126/03/2023
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130Comments of Argentina, Brazil, Burundi, Ecuador, Japan, Kenya, Russian Federation, South Africa, FIVS and OIV on Agenda Item 1026/03/2023
133Comments of Uganda on Agenda Item 4(a), 4(b), 5(a), 5(b), 926/03/2023
134Comments of Saudi Arabia on Agenda Item 5(a), 5(d)26/03/2023
135Update to the recommendations on discussion paper on mapping food categories of the GSFA to the Foodex2 database : Agenda Item 827/03/2023
136Revised note to discussion paper on the food additive provision for the use of trisodium citrate in FC 01.1.1 “Fluid milk (plain)” : Agenda Item 927/03/2023
137Comments of Canada on Agenda Item 1027/03/2023
138Comments of IOFI on Agenda Item 727/03/2023
139Comments of Honduras on Agenda Item 928/03/2023
140Comments of Mauritius on Agenda Item 3a, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d, 5e, 5f, 6, 7, 8, and 9 28/03/2023
141Comments of Philippines on Agenda Item 1028/03/2023
201Statements of the Australia, Canada, European Union, United kingdom, United States of America on Russia-Ukraine War28/03/2023
104Report of the In-session Working Group on the International numbering system (INS)28/03/2023
103Report of the PWG on Endorsement and Alignment of the food additive provisions of the GSFA 28/03/2023
105Report of the In-session Working Group on priorities for evaluation by JECFA28/03/2023
142Draft terms of reference for a new discussion paper on divergence of food additive provisions prepared by Chair of Endorsement/Alignment Working Group on Agenda Item 4b29/03/2023
0.03Action required as a result of changes in the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) status and other toxicological recommendations arising from the 87th and 89th JECFA30/03/2023
Appendix II
0.04Proposed draft Specifications for the identity and purity of food additives30/03/2023
Appendix III
0.05Status of Endorsement and/or Revision of Maximum Levels of Food Additives and Processing Aids in Commodity Standards30/03/2023
Appendix IV
0.06Proposed Amendments to the Food Additive Provisions of Codex Commodity Standards30/03/2023
Appendix V
0.07General Standard for Food Additives - Draft and proposed draft food additive provisions30/03/2023
Appendix VI
0.08General Standard for Food Additives – Provisions for revocation30/03/2023
Appendix VII
0.09General Standard for Food Additives - Discontinuation of work 30/03/2023
Appendix VIII
0.1General Standard for Food Additives - New food additive provisions30/03/2023
Appendix IX
0.11Proposed draft revision to the Class Names and the International Numbering System for Food Additives (CXG 36-1986) 30/03/2023
Appendix X
0.12Priority list of substances proposed for evaluation by JECFA30/03/2023
Appendix XI
0.13Form for submission of proposals for changes to the INS list 30/03/2023
Appendix XII
0.02Draft List of Participants29/03/2023
102Report of the 53rd CCFA’s Physical Working Group on the Codex General Standard for Food Additives (GSFA)31/03/2023
CRD02 rev.2
202All files zip collection