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Workshop for World Food Safety Day in Kazakhstan


A scientific and methodological workshop dedicated to World Food Safety Day was held on 7 June, 2022 on the topic: “Safety and quality of various nuts” at the basis of NJSC Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after. S. Seifullin (KazATU). The workshop participants were represented by the KazATU (teaching staff, undergraduates), heads of food markets laboratories, a major supplier of nuts to the markets of Nur-Sultan, WHO international consultant (Eronimas Maskeliunas), consultant of the WHO country office, Kazakhstan Codex Alimentarius Team.

The role of the Codex Alimentarius in food safety, the WHO global strategy for food safety, the role of risk analysis and assessment at the country level were discussed at the workshop. The second part of it covered such issues as food safety control in Kazakhstan, the establishment of Maximum Levels (MLs) for aflatoxins in nuts in the Codex Coordinating Committee for Contaminants in Food (CCCF), the study of various nuts for aflatoxin content and nut quality presented at the country's markets.

By the end of the presentations, the laboratory of the KazATU department has been demonstrated, that analyzes nuts to determine aflatoxins in it.

It was decided to continue the interaction between the Department of Veterinary Sanitation, the laboratory service of the markets, the national Codex contact structure and WHO, to highlight the results of the research work of the department on measures to reduce the aflatoxin impact on the human body.