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Noticias sobre el Día Mundial de la Inocuidad de los Alimentos

Fun and food safety training for avocado packing staff in Peru on World Food Safety Day

The Avocado Packing Company S.A.C. celebrated World food Safety Day this year with the motto: "Food standards save lives". Celebrations consisted of distributing different World Food Safety Day flyers to the corporate emails of company staff, and a staff quiz. The quiz involved playing "three in a row", answering questions related to food safety, completing a line of three and winning and playing. As a prize for the correct answers, staff were given various prizes. The questions were prepared according to [...]
28 June 2023

Qatari logistics company celebrates World Food Safety Day

The Gulf Warehousing Company, GWC, a logistics provider based in Qatar, celebrated World Food Safety Day on 7, 8 and 11 June 2023 as part of a commitment to support this global observance in all its facilities. GWC emphasizes stringent food safety control measures and its food safety policy and objectives focus on compliance, training and competency development, communication, and a strong food safety culture to ensure customer satisfaction. Food safety awareness sessions were organized across the company’s food warehouses as part [...]
28 June 2023

American World Food Safety Day webinar to look at the economic and health implications of food safety

Agrilinks, an “online hub where agriculture, food security and development professionals connect” will celebrate World Food Safety Day in a webinar entitled Tiny Microbes with Big Business Impact: The Economic and Health Implications of Food Safety. According to the event organizers, globally, conflict and climate change threaten advances made to reduce hunger and support economic development. Without safe food, we are not able to properly address food security issues. Through biological and chemical contamination, tiny microbes can have big impacts on [...]
28 June 2023

El Salvador holds a sports run for World Food Safety Day

The Salvadoran Agency for Technical Regulation (OSARTEC), an institution that is part of the National Quality Council, is responsible for raising awareness about Codex Alimentarius standards in El Salvador, and how they protect the health of Salvadorans. On World Food Safety Day, OSARTEC celebrated its 2nd edition of a World Food Safety Day sports race and this year, combined the observance with celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, with the support of the International Regional Organization for [...]
27 June 2023

World Food Safety Day celebrated by airline caterers

The LSG Group celebrated World Food Safety Day with various activities happening at LSG Sky Chefs facilities around the world. Celebrations were held everywhere, and employees not only highlighted the importance of this issue, but also showed their commitment. Operating in airline catering, food safety is at the core of what LSG Group does. "By following legal standards and our company food standards we provide safe products to our customers. By guaranteeing every day anew that our food is safe, we [...]
27 June 2023

Oman celebrates World Food Safety Day in high-level event and Codex colloquium

The Sultanate of Oman celebrates World Food Safety Day “Food standards save lives” through a number of events, held from 10-14 June 2023. These events coincided with Oman’s Food Safety Week, and included holding Oman's 6th International Conference on Food Safety and Quality . The event, which brought together specialists from Oman and around the world, focused on reviewing enablers of the food safety system. It also dealt with artificial intelligence, modern technologies, the management of food hazards and challenges in the field [...]
27 June 2023

From theme to action: EatSafe commemorates World Food Safety Day in Nigeria and Ethiopia

USAID’s Feed the Future Initiative, EatSafe: Evidence and Action Towards Safe, Nutritious Food, has honored this year’s World Food Safety Day (WFSD) with a special focus on food safety standards spanning from local to global. EatSafe's aim is to enable lasting improvements in the safety of nutritious foods in traditional food markets in low- and middle-income countries. To commemorate this year’s WFSD, EatSafe led a series of activities, including thought pieces, events, resources, and even an interview cruncher discussing how [...]
22 June 2023

High school students in Angola learn about food safety on World Food Safety Day

The Luanda Central Agro-Food Laboratory of the National Food Quality Control Service, a body under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Angola, organized a lecture with high school students in Luanda on "The role of a conformity assessment body (Laboratório Agroalimentar) in the process of obtaining safe food". Engineer Carlos Chaves of the Central Agro-Food Laboratory of Luanda spoke with both students and agrifood technicians on 7 June. With a keen interest in food safety, Chaves has also attended celebrations of [...]
21 June 2023

Guatemala celebrates World Food Safety Day

Guatemala joined the global celebrations of World Food Safety Day 2023 with the motto "Food standards save lives". The event, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA), was aimed at raising awareness among the population about the importance of risk prevention, detection and management through food safety. The Vice-Minister of Agricultural Health and Regulations (VISAR), Víctor Hugo Guzmán, said that the work carried out to date allows for highly effective official controls on food, thus contributing to the [...]
21 June 2023

Saudi Arabia authority conducts multimedia campaign for World Food Safety Day

In Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) conducted a multimedia campaign on the occasion of  World Food Safety Day. The SFDA Executive President, Professor Hisham Al-Jadhey stated in a public address: “This year's slogan, ‘Food Standards Save Lives’, confirms the importance of the safety of products throughout all stages of the food chain, starting from the production and manufacturing, up to transportation, preservation and storage, and ending with the display of these products in the markets to [...]
20 June 2023