Registering for personalised institutional sub-portals

Accessing the personalised institutional sub-portals

The continued goal of AGRIS is to develop new, innovative services for data providers to improve the experience of utilising the platform, while also continuing to enable increased visibility and accessibility of data.

Filter AGRIS content by data provider

This service allows content providers to browse their own collection of metadata. This feature facilitates direct access to the records from a single data provider by treating these records as an independent data collection to be searched. 

This search filter can be selected from the AGRIS homepage. First, a country must be selected from the dropdown menu. Next, the specific data provider can be selected from a second drop down menu. Then, the browse button must be clicked.

At this point, the user is redirected to a new page that has a permanent URL that can be bookmarked in the browser or embedded in other websites.

Within this new page, users and content contributors have the ability to refine the search even further by using filters that include the publication date, and to filter records with a full text link available. The user can now also add query options to refine results searching in specific fields such as the document title, authors, the journal title, etc. Furthermore, once a particular record has been selected, there is a ‘back’ button available to utilise; keeping intact all of the search query options previously selected and making the overall search experience much more efficient.


Personalised institutional sub-portals

This service includes dashboards that display real-time statistics about the most visited AGRIS records per each data provider. This dashboard includes page views and the most accessed/viewed records per institution (Figure 4) with the objective of monitoring visibility and accessibility of records submitted by data providers. This allows data providers to see the results of their work, create reports and disseminate statistics about their records and the impact of storing their metadata in AGRIS. 

Registering for personalised institutional sub-portals

Current data providers can register to access their personalised institutional sub-portal by completing a form here.

  • Once the form is complete, data providers will receive a temporary password to login to the system, and will then be asked to create a new password.

Accessing the personalised institutional sub-portals

Login link.

Figure 3

For more information about accessing current services please contact us at [email protected].