AGRIS receives metadata in various formats, such as the AGRIS Application Profile (AP) XML format as a minimum standard or better. The most common formats are: Crossref, Endnote, MARC21, MODS, Simple DC, PubMed among others. It is highly recommended to consider LODE-BD Recommendations 2.0 in order to learn about different metadata terms that can be used to describe properties included in the record.

AGRIS is indexed monthly. 

The minimum requirements for AGRIS metadata are specified in the Meaningful Bibliographic Metadata (M2B) recommendations. M2B provides data providers with a list of mandatory and recommended properties to be included in the metadata of bibliographic records. 

AGRIS is a multilingual database with resources available in up to 90 languages. Metadata should use/be written in the same language as the document it describes. In addition, in order to enhance discoverability and visibility, it is also recommended to provide titles, keywords and abstracts in English, if possible, for a more accurate retrieval of the resources from the web.


AGRIS recommends the use of AGROVOC, the FAO multilingual thesaurus, for standardised subject terms for food and agriculture scientific writing. AGROVOC is the largest Linked Open Data set about food and agriculture available for public use and facilitates access and visibility of data across domains and languages. The data set is widely used in specialised as well as digital libraries and repositories for both indexing content and text mining and also serves as a specialised tagging resource for content organisation by FAO and third-party stakeholders. However, free keywords are welcomed.

 If data needs updating or removal, please contact [email protected] to communicate what is needed. In the case of updates, the data provider will need to send the exact file with the new content to overwrite the older file.

After registration, two options are available for sending metadata to AGRIS: